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Microsoft-owned, LinkedIn is a professional social platform for those who are looking for new opportunities in their careers and are interested in making connections with other professionals. LinkedIn has always focussed on building a trustworthy environment where professionals with a professional ID get an opportunity to present themselves, share credible content, and take and give professional help.

There is no denying that video is the fastest-growing format with a high engagement rate and LinkedIn too entered the game to become a powerful marketing social platform through LinkedIn Live streaming.

Nearly after two years of adding video support on LinkedIn to encourage users to upload videos, the social network is all set to roll out its Live streaming service to broadcast video content, “LinkedIn Live” for more than 560 million users in over 200 countries.

The new service is initially arriving as an invite-only beta for a small group of broadcasters in the US and is not available for all LinkedIn pages and members. Pete Davies, Product Management Director at LinkedIn, says that “LinkedIn Live streaming was the most requested feature, and this is the one likely to get people talking.”

LinkedIn Live Streaming chat experience

According to Microsoft’s Q1 2019 report, LinkedIn recorded a session growth of 34 percent and boosted its revenue by 33 percent with new record levels of engagements. Compared to non-video ads, video ads earn 30 percent more comments per impression and members spend nearly three times more time on watching video ads compared to sponsored content, says LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Live will focus on streaming things like Live conferences and events, product demos, press conferences and announcements, interaction with audiences through Live Q&A sessions, building a bond of trust by showing behind-the-scene content and much more.

Request for LinkedIn Live Streaming

The company has posted two separate forms for Members and Organizations/Pages to apply for Live video broadcasting on Users who wish to broadcast their Live feed can use the link given above and request for the approval from the LinkedIn team.

LinkedIn Live streaming request form Image

To ensure seamless streaming of Live videos, Microsoft’s Azure Media Services will provide the encoding technology, and LinkedIn has also partnered with some third-party broadcasting tools that creators will work with.

Currently, Live streaming on LinkedIn is only possible with these broadcasters, and creators will have to choose a tool of their choice, bearing the cost and fees of the tool.  Here are some of the available tools:

Wirecast (Macs and PCs)

wirecast LinkedIn Live Streaming tool

It has a 30-day free trial with no credit card info requirement. The Wirecast One version will cost $249 to live stream on LinkedIn

Switcher Studio ( iOS mobile only)

switcherstudio LinkedIn Live Streaming tool

For individual and non-commercial use, the cheapest plan is at $39 monthly or $29 if paid annually. For small businesses, the price is $75 monthly or $49 per month. For marketing teams, agencies, and organizations, the plan cost is $5000 annually.


socialive LinkedIn Live Streaming tool

Socialive is offering a free trial for 14 days, followed by a $179 per month Individual plan. Using Promocode LinkedIn50, Linkedin live users will get a special discount on taking up the Individual plan.

This multistreaming service shared a YouTube video to illustrate how to stream on Linkedin via Restream


wowza LinkedIn Live Streaming tool

Wowza media systems shared a video tutorial to Live stream to LinkedinLive from Wowza streaming cloud.


streamyard LinkedIn Live Streaming tool

The free plan has StreamYard logo at the top right of your Live stream, and you will have to pay $25 per month to get it removed plus access to some more features.

Easy Live

EasyLive LinkedIn Live Streaming tool

Easy Live is giving 14 days free trial except for Webpages, Web-Stream and IP Axis Camera.

Two other third-party broadcaster tools, “Terdek” and “Live U” will be soon available for LinkedIn live streaming.

LinkedIn Live Streaming Pro Tips:

LinkedIn Live is new, thus to make sure that it provides an interactive and unique Live stream experience, some checks have been placed. These checks may change any time, but at the moment, LinkedIn does not want to do the following while Live streaming:

  • No promotional streams and direct selling
  • No short Live streams. If you have anything less than 10-15 minutes, then do post it as a native video. This check has been placed so that your audience get enough time to join and engage with your content
  • No long “Starting soon.” Please avoid such screens so that your audience does not have to wait for more than 1 or 2 minutes
  • No meta content. It means that LinkedIn doesn’t want you to talk about LinkedIn on LinkedIn
  • No large sponsor logos. This means that you should not use logos that dominate the video content. Small graphics in the corner is okay
  • No pre-recorded video. This is to intend a real-time viewing experience for your audience
  • No unprofessional Live streaming. All content is public, and that is why LinkedIn wants that it should be made professionally and must be appropriate for the audience the platform has

How to Maximize the impact of your LinkedIn Live streaming:

  • Go live regularly. If you maintain the frequency of your Live streams, then your audience will grow over time as they will adjust their availability according to your frequency. You can stream on the same day and time of each week or month.
  • Promote your Live streams in advance. Gather more members and followings on your Page or profile to ensure they get notified whenever you go live.

When and Why to go Live:

  • While holding Q&A or Ask me Anything session
  • To deliver urgent news
  • While holding DIY sessions
  • During an exclusive interview
  • To build authentic and engaging connections with your followers
  • To provide exclusive access to an event
  • To establish your brand as a frequent giver

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Things worth remembering before going Linkedin Live Streaming

Good Internet: Ensure to run a speed test before going live. Ideal upload bandwidth must be at least 10Mbps.

Have a Moderator: It’s a good practice to ask a friend or colleague to monitor your stream. Linkedin Live streaming may turn hectic and keeping a moderator to look at comments can prove very helpful.

Be prepared for troubleshooting: Keep the contact details of your broadcaster in case of any issues while Linkedin Live streaming. In times of facing server or firewall error, contact your network admin and confirm that the following ports are open, TCP port 2936 and TCP port 1935 + 1936.

Confirm access to stream:

For members: At, members with streaming rights will have a LinkedIn Live badge on their profile.

For Pages: Only the page admins have access to the stream from an organization’s page, and it normally takes 2-3 weeks to implement.

Note: Using #LinkedInLive or hashtags relevant to your description will help you reach out to a wider audience on Linkedin

Ending your LinkedIn Live Streaming

After the broadcast ends, the stream stays as a normal video on your Page feed or Recent activity. You have the choice to delete the replay video after the live stream has ended.

Final Words

Compared to other social media platforms like Facebook where we see streamers playing games or friends sharing their personal lives, Linkedin Live streaming is all about professional context and LinkedIn Live Streaming is a great choice for influencers, entrepreneurs, marketers, and businesses to cater to a professional audience.

Brian Fanzo, a Keynote speaker, voiced his love for LinkedIn Live and expected to keep it short and sweet. Social Media Influencer, Pelpina Trip believes LinkedIn Live will bring a new way of posting on LinkedIn. Many active LinkedIn users are pretty excited to soon go Live on LinkedIn and have likewise shared their excitement on other social media platforms. Do you think that this will bring a new way to market on Linkedin? Let us know in the comments section below.

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