AdvertisingListsPlatformsHow to Create LinkedIn Message Ads Campaign to get improved ROI?

Are the mailers & newsletters not fetching enough engagement??

Is your brand in need of some real communication with potential customers on LinkedIn?

How about a direct pitch through direct messaging on LinkedIn profiles?

Driving comparatively stronger & effective engagements than the traditional techniques besides assisting marketers in delivering targeted messages with unique CTA, LinkedIn message ads are a boon to brands in 2020.

 LinkedIn message ads

The LinkedIn message ads campaign is a smart way to start off a conversation with convenient options that possess the ability to tempt users into interactions & clicks.

Here we have elaborated more on how to get started with LinkedIn message ads campaign and stepwise guide on setting up one too.

How to begin strategizing for LinkedIn message ads?

Advertising on the purely professional social media platform is subjective for every brand and marketer. Some find it easy to promote their cause through carousel ads while some are comfortable with video ads but there is no particular or definite way to advertise here. To ensure the best process to achieve more positive results brands must recognise, analyse and align their objectives with the individual outcomes of these techniques available.

LinkedIn message ads

LinkedIn message ads is a form of sponsored messaging ads that is more customised in advertising and the promotion has a personalised touch to make the user feel valued. We have all received these sponsored messages in our LinkedIn inbox that tend to convey a piece of certain information, idea or objective set by the marketer.

To begin with LinkedIn message ads, we must first strategize a blueprint to lead us in the right way.

#1 Define objective for the campaign

It is wise to categorize the goals that one needs to fulfil with the LinkedIn message ads because it smoothens the further process and makes it quick. These are basically native ads appearing on the LinkedIn messaging inbox of targeted audiences. It can consist of a single CTA for immediate engagement.

As a brand make sure to be specific about what is your expectation out of the campaign. Objectives can be associated with three main categories i.e.

  1. Awareness – brand awareness
  2. Consideration – video views, website visits, engagements
  3. Conversions – job applicants, website conversions, lead generations

Adding a basic informative introduction followed by a transparent message about the intentions of the ad will make it more appealing for the readers. Moreover, letting people know how it will benefit them is a smart move to impress them.

#2 Write it short, straight and well!

LinkedIn message ads campaigns are all about the text in it because that is the main part which will convey your message to the market. While we are all well versed with the marketing quote that goes “Content is the King!”, these ads are exactly where the excerpt can be applied.

Write a short, crisp and engaging piece of message conveniently under 500 words that resonate with your objective that lets the audience know the motive without much confusion. As a LinkedIn ads account manager, you can select the sender profile for the LinkedIn message ads i.e. the profile which will appear as the message sender on the inbox of targeted audiences. Marketers can leverage the LinkedIn custom fields to add the %firstname% and %lastname% that will provide a personalised touch to the message ads. These LinkedIn message ads can also help in collecting lead directly from the recipients by adding a LinkedIn Lead Gen form.

#3 Optimize & read outcomes

The LinkedIn campaign manager can be utilised to get the real-time data of the LinkedIn message ads campaign launched. Marketers can view the demography insights, overall performance and other necessary details about the same. This will help brands build better ads in future to promote success on the world’s biggest professional network.

Measuring the conversions provides proper statistics that enables marketers to understand how the ads are driving traffic, providing for business results, generating leads, purchases and event registrations.

#4 Analysis of performance

The LinkedIn campaign manager provides a variety of metrics to analyse the performances of each ad campaign running on the network.

LinkedIn message ads

It shows the status of the ad, ad spent, impressions, clicks, the average click-through rates(CTR), bids, average CPM and the CPC. Studying the numbers against these subheads will let marketers explore the best opportunities and ways to improve the overall ROI.

#5 Know the audience better

The website demographics options can be used to know where the target audiences are mostly located, their interests and the kind of content they like engaging with online. One can also know who engages with their ad campaigns and their behaviour online through a search by job titles, companies, skills, and interests.

LinkedIn message ads

Knowing the audiences better can enhance the chances of being picked over other competitors that will improve the overall performances of the brand.

Stepwise methods to create LinkedIn message ads

  1. Log on to the LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager account and click on the “Create Campaign” option to begin with LinkedIn message ads.                                                                                                                               LinkedIn message ads
  2. It provides options for objective selection that marketers can pick according to their requirement. LinkedIn message ads can be selected after picking “Lead Generation” or “Website Visits” options.
  3. Provide information for the ad campaign as needed. Select audiences manually or pick from your LinkedIn’s curated audience groups. One can also set up a new LinkedIn audience for the purpose.                                                                                                          LinkedIn message ads
  4. Fill in the details about the target audience and their presence.
  5. Pick a suitable language for the LinkedIn message ads campaign.                                        LinkedIn message ads
  6. Build a target audience by choosing from the targeting criterion such as company, demography, education, job experience, interests & traits available on Campaign Manager.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              LinkedIn message ads
  7. After all the info is passed to the Campaign Manager the forecasting tool will provide details about the ad spend or how much will be the tentative expenditure for the currently selected target audience.
  8. Choose the type of ad that here are LinkedIn message ads for the campaign.                       LinkedIn message ads
  9. Tick the “Enable the LinkedIn Audience Network” option If you want to share the ad with LinkedIn audience network else you’ll build your own budget and schedule.
  10. Now the Campaign Manager will ask information for schedule and budget. You can select to set a daily budget or a total budget. If you want to select a fixed schedule to run the LinkedIn message ads campaign, then set up a daily budget otherwise select to set a total budget that will keep the campaign running till it gets exhausted. Here the forecast tool will show the predicted daily spend, weekly spend, monthly spend and 30-days spend focusing the budget and schedule set up for this campaign.                                                                       LinkedIn message ads
  11. After providing set up details there comes another main option called the Bid which is generated automatically. It is the amount or bid per mail sent and can be changed into Target, enhanced and maximum CPC bid.
  12. Now, you can choose to add conversion tracking that will measure the impact of your ad that can be managed or controlled later if needed. If it is not required, then one can click on “Save & Next”.
  13. Click on “Create New Ad” to get going with LinkedIn message ads.                                                       LinkedIn message ads
  14. Name the campaign ad and select the senders on it. The approved sender will be pre-listed on it but in case a sender’s profile is missing, then click on “add sender” and provide the name. Click on their LinkedIn profile to send them a request preferable with a note if they are first-degree connection and once they approve the request through their inbox, both will receive a confirmation message.                                                                  LinkedIn message ads
  15. Click on the “message” option to begin the draft. Enter the subject and message in a clear and crisp manner as we have discussed the system in our topic above. Make the message appear personalised and appealing in all ways to get them clicking. Leverage the custom footer at the end to provide a good CTA described with 1 to 3 words only. Use the image slot with a 300 x 250-pixel image because leaving it blank may invite unwanted ads from other brands on the spot.                                                                                                                                                                           LinkedIn message ads
  16. Save and create the LinkedIn message ads campaign.
  17. After completing the first draft of the ad you can create as many Sponsored InMail Creatives as required in the campaign by repeating the above steps. Launch the LinkedIn message ads campaign when completely ready.

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