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LinkedIn launched the Native video feature on its mobile app in 2017, following which Marketers unlocked opportunities untouched in the market.

Previously video marketing involved uploading content on platforms like YouTube and Vimeo whose links are shared on required social media sites. Linkedin native video

Engagements on native videos are comparatively higher than YouTube link sharing. There are more benefits in posting a LinkedIn native video when compared & studied from all perspectives.

“Branding requires personalized plans in order to become more relatable and convincing. Text ads may be informative, but a video campaign holds power to influence the right customers.”


LinkedIn native video is easy to make and transfers the appropriate message to the market. People would trust brands with a face and voice audible enough to them instead of dull ads.

Know LinkedIn native video

Unlike uploading video content on YouTube before sharing the same link on various social media sites, LinkedIn native video can directly be uploaded to the feed. LinkedIn native video

The technique involved in LinkedIn native video enables the ad campaign to show up more frequently and get maximum reach.

The LinkedIn algorithms are designed in a way that they pour in more priority to the native ad campaigns on the channels

LinkedIn was never involved in video marketing, unlike the other social media platforms. Good marketing strategies considered video campaigns a success on LinkedIn which paved way ahead. LinkedIn native video

Nowadays, native video ad campaigns have resulted in getting more reach, engagement, and visibility scores than other marketing options on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn native video has expanded the opportunity pool for the marketers targeting professionals on the social site. The platform helps users showcase their products, services, ideas and information to the market.

The best of LinkedIn native video

– Native video campaigns get a special boost from LinkedIn algorithms and technical back supports. These campaigns get maximum reach and visibility without much interference or effort.

– The visibility of native video ads in LinkedIn is higher than simple ads as they are given priority on the newsfeed. LinkedIn native video

Interaction rates of LinkedIn native videos are 109.67% higher than shared YouTube content. Experimenting with both would easily mark the difference in reaches and engagements received.

– Posting ad video contents natively on the direct platform as LinkedIn makes the insights direct for the user. Detailed reports are available on the exact views and engagements received after upload and post.

The technique provides easy access to viewing the individual performance of ads on the platform separately. LinkedIn native video

– The LinkedIn native ads can be ideally ranging from 30 seconds to 5 minutes (usually 3 seconds to 10 minutes range) accommodating maximum content ideas to promote the brand and develop the image. LinkedIn native video

– The LinkedIn native video metrics enable users to know the locations, companies, job roles, and interests of their viewers. Strategies can be designed accordingly.

– Advertising with texts and graphics often limit the way a message or information is conveyed. Native videos on LinkedIn help in customizing ads as per need.

This ensures building a better image that clearly depicts the expertise to a broader audience.

– The platform helps marketers and brand strategists reach the relevant professionals over LinkedIn through organic sharing. LinkedIn native video

– For companies and brands dealing in B2B products & services, targeting mature professionals, commercial customers and specialists can avail most advantages from the LinkedIn native video.

Wait no more! Get started with LinkedIn native video

Still wondering if LinkedIn would help you ace in your professional business?

Different platforms on the internet serve separate purposes to the market they are targeting.

LinkedIn is a pure professional network with employees, employers, executives, specialists, and other workforce from different walks of life. LinkedIn native video

Marketers must ensure that their advertisements reflect the same professionalism.

Creating well organized, clear informational, high-quality content advertisement that maintains a professional tone is essential to manage success on LinkedIn.

Making video content on professional topics, brand image and meetups help build a concrete idea of the business on LinkedIn. LinkedIn native video

Maintaining a constant and regular brand personality helps in growth because your viewers here would be interested in a more formal & clear tone.

Most videos that got success through LinkedIn native videos were created on desktops later transferred to mobile apps for posting.

LinkedIn native video enhances views, engagement rates, and improves conversions for the business. LinkedIn native video

People tend to converse directly over deals and proposal on LinkedIn than on alternate social media sites.

The native campaigns on LinkedIn is definitely a key to the ocean of marketing & branding opportunities for marketers, strategists and companies.

If you run a business and think it deserves more reach than start uploading videos natively on LinkedIn.

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