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LinkedIn rolled a new feature a few months back at the beginning of 2020 which allows users to interact with other members by asking their opinions on multiple subjects.

LinkedIn polls might not be a brand new revolutionary method to engage with the audience over social media. Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have already introduced as well as made them viral online. In such a condition, a question arises that how is it going help this professional networking space?

LinkedIn polls

Apart from acting as conversation starters and helping keep pace with trends, LinkedIn polls can be used to collect data and gather information from connections. Moreover, it is a genius way to know how professional & business minds think about a certain topic or idea.

Entrepreneurs on LinkedIn can utilise the feature to gain insights about the market they are planning to serve with their innovations and business ideas. Existing brands can realise their mistakes, understand real demands and manage the market by learning from what people prefer here.

LinkedIn polls is definitely a super success feature for users who can use to its maximum potential and explore the platform smartly.

In this blog, we will just learn the steps to create these LinkedIn polls over posts for other members to reply on.

Steps to create LinkedIn polls on post

  1. Click on “Start a Post” option on the homepage
  2. Select “Create a Poll” option available on it
  3. Type your question in the dialogue box that appears on it
    1. There are minimum 2 and maximum 4 option space available by default
    2. You can add more options by clicking on “+Add”
  4. The dropdown menu below can be clicked and “Poll Duration” can be set
    1. It has a one-week duration by default so if you do not select any from the menu it will run for a week only
  5. Click on “Next”
  6. Select the “Edit” option for further editing of the post
  7. Choose the audience by adjusting “Share the poll with” option
  8. Additional information or direction to the post can be added through the “What do you want to talk about?” option that is optional
  9. Hit the “Post” button at the end of it to get going live with the LinkedIn post

It is important to note that after creating a LinkedIn poll you cannot edit it in any way but delete it totally. Therefore, before finalising the content on the poll make sure everything is checked and quality proved on LinkedIn.

When creating a LinkedIn poll be sure to abide by the do and don’ts of the LinkedIn terms. Be thorough with the professional community guidelines and never ask for sensitive, personal information on it.

LinkedIn polls

Refrain from indulging in matters involving race, caste, sexual orientation, origination of ethnicity, political and religious inclination, exact geolocation etc. that can instigate, infuriate or disturb the sentiments, emotions, and personal living of anyone. There might be a chance that LinkedIn will let go of it with just a warning as the features are newly rolled to the public but worse situations can get your profiles banned or have serious actions against you.

Indulge in safe professional networking to gain the best insights about industries and cultures using the fabulous LinkedIn polls feature on it.

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