ListsLinkedin Product Pages: Everything You Need to Know

“LinkedIn Product Pages connect your products to the world’s largest professional community”

-LinkedIn Marketing solutions

The leading professional networking platform provides an effective marketing solution for businesses by facilitating the online shop features with the LinkedIn product pages. Searches can now be turned into highly qualified leads that can benefit the business from all sides. It functions as a tool or medium to build trust and relationships around a community of genuine buyers.

The LinkedIn product page was launched in December 2020, aimed at forming a trusted circle of information around certain products, services and brands related to it. It has features to highlight the featured customers, display real reviews as well as ratings, drive traffic along with valuable action through custom call-to-action buttons.

How do LinkedIn Product Pages work?

The LinkedIn product pages are visited by other account holders of the platform just like people visiting the pages on other leading social media platforms like Facebook. Here they will be invited to leave a review on the product after confirming their authenticity as a genuine customer and not bots. It then requests them to rate the product on a scale of 1 to 5 for improved information on the product.

LinkedIn provides reviewers with a character limit of 500 words that they can use to note the pros and cons of the product. There are optional keywords that people can use to define the product idea. There are pre-set options to choose from while reviewing and they are Easy to Use, Easy Setup, Good Support, Innovation Features.

The reviews and ratings on LinkedIn product pages are visible to the public and these ratings allow visitors to see the member name as well as the profile headline attached to the review. Employees of the business may also provide reviews that LinkedIn later recognises as someone from the company itself. The LinkedIn product pages provide an aggregate score after 5 reviews on the page.

Currently, LinkedIn product pages are available to B2B businesses only that is gradually opening to other areas as well. Service-based businesses and companies cannot use the page facility till now because they are only meant for product-related marketing.

How to create LinkedIn Product Pages?

There are three types of pages offered by LinkedIn that serve the different purposes of the members. LinkedIn page, Showcase page and the Product page are designed to help people achieve their set goals related to their types of business. Having a LinkedIn product page is more about building a trusted community of advocates & experts around a particular product.

Setting up a LinkedIn product page consists of a few simple steps but to begin with it one needs to have super admin or content admin access to the company or business page on LinkedIn.

Once a member has admin access to the profile they need to as follow to construct a product page:

  1. Click on the Product option on the menu bar
  2. Click on Add Product option
  3. To begin the setup, fill-up the form starting with adding a product name that cannot be changed once the product has been added. To change the name one needs to fill the Product Change Request Form
  4. As per the LinkedIn market research data, a category is assigned to the product that can be changed on through the Product Change Request Form
  5. Upload a square (1:1) image of the product logo or the company logo in case there is no product logo designed. The image resizes itself but to ensure quality keep the dimensions in mind
  6. There is 6 custom call to action options:
    • Download now
    • Get started
    • Request demo
    • Try now
    • Contact us
    • Learn more
  7. Ensure copy-pasting the landing page URL in the custom CTA box and test the link for the right functioning
  8. Add a 1-2 paragraph of about 500-character limit to describe the product. it should be concise, short and relevant to user benefits
  9. Add videos and images to improve the description part of the product. YouTube and Vimeo videos can be embedded for better results. LinkedIn usually suggests uploading three videos under three minutes and two images for better defining products
  10. Add up to 21 customers who have used the product and are companies with their business profile to the LinkedIn product pages. Individual members cannot be added to the list
  11. Show at least seven mixes of customers ranging from different industries and company size to display the complete product scope to the rest of the potential market. Understand the target customers and scope of selling the product through the featured company customers. Take permission before publishing the customer logo and name on the product page
  12. Send the completed form for LinkedIn review that may take up to two weeks post which the product tab will be added to the LinkedIn product page

The best way to get maximum benefits from the LinkedIn product page is to encourage consumers to leave a review and rating so that the LinkedIn search places it further at the right places. LinkedIn allows users to utilize the lead generation form features on the LinkedIn product pages to get the most out of it. Reviews do appear in the news feed soon after they are posted and this assists companies to drive traffic to the product pages and other related landing pages or URLs.

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