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LinkedIn video marketing feature was launched in 2017, and there was a revolution witnessed across industries that used social media for their branding purpose.

LinkedIn internal surveys and study reports confirmed that LinkedIn video marketing was three times more engaging and successful than content posts.

In a year, LinkedIn Video posts generated over 300 Million impressions on the platform, which is vast than ever before with other types of marketing techniques.

Apart from setting benchmark stats in Video impressions over the channel, LinkedIn video marketing features have impacted the overall revenue growth of companies. According to sources, brands that used video marketing tools saw faster increase in their conversions that ahead led to 49% shooting improvement in sales and revenue compared to the companies that did not use the feature.

Over these years, LinkedIn marketing was majorly focused on content platforms as they were the most traditional means of social media marketing before video posts took over the engagement scenarios online.
Video posts on LinkedIn have garnered impressive engagements in comparison to content posts, and studies note that accurate audience reaches were possible with LinkedIn video marketing techniques.

LinkedIn native video promotions are the most reliable means of advertising and branding for their informative, simple, and convenient approach to the target market.

LinkedIn currently caters its online platform services to 610 Million users spread across 200 countries and territories. This makes the platform a high performing and quick expanding forum for marketers universally thus attracts the C-level executives, decision makers, influencers, and senior associates in leading brands and organizations.

When 94% of users are marketing oriented on LinkedIn due to which features as that of video content has grossed all numbers in usage. Audiences are better professionals on the channel and reaching out to the specific market is comparatively more comfortable than on other sites.

As entrepreneurs, you would always look towards growing through the latest challenges from the industrial markets. Changes that are necessary for the business is expected to sync in with the employees, partners, and clients as well. LinkedIn video marketing built a full stage for passionate marketers who were in search of that one channel which would enhance their visibility and provide better scopes of discovering newer niche markets.

Discussing reaches, Impressions, CTR’s, views, and other respective insights LinkedIn video marketing supports the comprehensive technology behind attaining the desired results online.

On other channels and professional sites, we get standard demographic analytics, which includes Age, gender, and location, yet LinkedIn offers more specific parameters as:
– Job title
– Industry
– Interests
– Skills
– Followers/Non-Followers

Which optimize the video content more precisely and ensure that it reaches just the relevant audience on the platform.

If that is sufficient motivation for you to start marketing through LinkedIn video, then we must move ahead with discussing the ways we can do so.

Let’s improve our branding and positioning strategies while the networks grow stronger besides on LinkedIn pages and forums concerned.

The Three essential LinkedIn video marketing tools:

1. Embedded videos: Most commonly and extensively used technique in LinkedIn video marketing is uploading content on other channels and sharing the same in a post format. Embedding videos in the feed is a secure way to gather more views on the channel where one uploaded the video as well as gaining engagement on the user profile on LinkedIn.

Most of the LinkedIn users rely on this tool for the simple usage and greater reach that it provides.
Very often we find video ads streaming on our profile home page with catchy phrase contents that compel us to click that later lands us on another channel where the video is originally put.

Such posts were researched to get insights indicating maximum professional network conversations beginning through them.

Ensure you develop the right brand image through exclusive videography and studio editing works to create striking content as videos. Get them uploaded on YouTube or Vimeo like applications.

LinkedIn video
2. LinkedIn native video: These are videos and ads directly created and uploaded on LinkedIn, unlike embedding on other sites. LinkedIn video marketing enables users to develop ads and motion campaigns on their channel and auto-plays them on the user feed, which grabs attention and derives more engagement.
The technique is highly influential and is learned to gain ten times more shares and links than any other means.

Posting video content using the LinkedIn native video technique is easy, and the channel remains highly user-friendly. You can use either your desktop or mobile phone to get the marketing done.

When uploading through the desktop:
a. Go to the homepage
b. Click on sharing an image, video, content, or idea
c. Select the video icon
d. Upload the video desired

And your advertising is all set to gather the best of the responses and open up opportunity gates ahead for the business. LinkedIn video
When uploading through mobile phone:
a. The share box on iOS and post button on Android need to be clicked first at the top of feed
b. Select the video icon
c. Use the application to capture a video or use pre-recorded video in the options given
d. Use filters and texts as per requirements
e. Post the work to LinkedIn and wait for table-turning results.  LinkedIn video
LinkedIn video marketing becomes more effective provided you use just the right tricks to upload your content. So before you tap on that selfie button or pan camera in studios, make sure the following points are checked:

– Setup optimization. Always ensure that the video taken has appropriate and sufficient lighting along with a decent background. Look for best camera angles and set the tripod according to that and check for the body language or the content you are shooting.

– Plan to keep your audiences fixed to the post using appropriate hook lines in the video. Aim at capturing their intentions at the first scene itself to avoid diversion of the viewer.

– Ensure to put up the best information first because viewers often give up on video after the first few seconds. LinkedIn insights supported by the Facebook studies revealed that 65% views who watch the first three seconds are likely to see for the next 10 seconds of the video whereas 45% of them would stay for 30 seconds. These stats speak in volumes about the importance of the initial video phases.

– According to reliable sources, 65% of posted videos are seen on mute so ensure adding informative graphics, infographics and interpretable communication signs to keep viewers going on.

– Maintain the right video length. Too long gets boring and seems stretched to ensure that the video is to the point and best in quality.

– Include a clear call to action creative to go with the video to lead the viewer ahead towards the desired plan. LinkedIn viodeo
3. LinkedIn video ads: These are the company sponsored video advertisements that come up in the feed on our LinkedIn homepage. The technique helps build a broader follower base, generate leads online, increase brand awareness, and improve brand consideration. While LinkedIn native ads can run maximum for 10 minutes, LinkedIn video ads can be played for 30 minutes straight.

The LinkedIn video ads have the most precise audience countering and reach. They are more calculative and can filter in just the right groups for the announcement. The LinkedIn video ad tool is must use for brands that need good promotions in a short span.

LinkedIn ad

Let’s have some idea on what to advertise using LinkedIn video marketing

Maximum brands that advertise using the LinkedIn video application fall under a few major categories, and they are products/services, culture, events, and news. In order to get in touch with your customers and build long-lasting relationships, brands can infuse some ideas below in the content they market online through videos:

1. Promote a launch or opening of any event or idea- try connecting over suspense in the content and by offering launching surprises as well.

2. Announce partnerships, new deals, projects, acquisitions, and initiatives. Video out the corporate social responsibilities that your brand does and give out a clear message to your right customer.

3. If there is an upcoming event, make sure to promote it on the video and guide participants through it. Get more attendees through the informative clipping and have a healthy headcount at the event.

4. Share the vision and thoughts of the C-level executives in the office. Make inspiring videos on their journey towards building the brand. This spreads a good note about the company and its profile.

5. Make videos including real testimonials of clients on the services and products that you do business on and see how that elevates the revenue generation part.

6. Share case studies with stirring story and mention the messages intended towards your customers.
Most importantly, celebrate if you are a marketer and build better brands with the points you gained from this blog. Do share the Good note with your teams as well.

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