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When you become famous, being famous becomes your Profession

Everyone wants to become famous by showcasing some unique art or talent they possess. But as we all know, climbing the ladder of success to become famous is not that easy and good things always take time. At the same time, the world has been witnessing a sea of changes across digital platforms where tech giants such as Facebook, Google & Microsoft are leading the race in digital innovation.

But still there was a gap in the market, a gap which became wider and wider with time as content creation, distribution and content marketing began to grow. This is where many mobile companies chipped in with the idea of exploring the digital space with User Generated Content and instant short content, a market purely made for the masses and mobile audience, thus Lip Sync Apps make an entry to the already crowded mobile apps market.

Such has been the popularity of lip sync apps that many brands have started integrating their marketing plans around such apps with dedicated budgets for such campaigns. Larger audience base, higher engagement rate, audience retention and time spent all metrics are in favour of these lip sync apps. The future surely belongs to them. Through this blog we will be listing out the Best Free Lip Sync Apps for Android & iOS users.

Best Free Lip Sync Apps for Android & iOS Users

1) Dubsmash: One of the first movers in this category of lip sync apps industry. Dubsmash went on to become a household name with every individual creating their version of a funny and creative dub followed by sharing on multiple social platforms. The #Tag Dubsmash started trending across multiple social media platforms. Dubsmash lip sync app allows users to create selfie videos on multiple songs, dance videos, dance challenges etc using various available filters, video effects etc. Dubsmash is available on both Android and iOS.

2) Tik Tok formerly Musically Owned by Byte Dance: Time is ticking for Facebook and other such social media platforms as Tik Tok overtakes Facebook to become the most downloaded app as of May 2019. The large user base, high engagement rate combined with higher chances of going viral makes this lip sync app owned by byte dance the most popular amongst the users as well as brands.

Tik Tok comes with free features as well as in app purchase feature for better video filters, audio filters, effects and enhancements. Users can have a customisable feed on the lip sync app based on their likes, interest, shares etc. Tik Tok is available on both Android and iOS.

3) MUStar: Battle it out with lip syncing with your friends, followers and other users through MUStar. This lip sync app allows users to compete with other users, followers and friends on a particular song or dialogue and earn stars as rewards to unlock new benefits. MUStar can also be used to edit your vine videos. MUStar is available on both Android and iOS.

4) LIKE Video: Add magic in your music video made through this lip sync app owned by Bigo Technology. LIKE video lip sync app has more than 300+ special video effects that users can add in their music videos, without the use of heavy animation software like adobe after effects.

This lip sync app also allows users to record their videos in 3D using 3rd party 3D camera apps and save the output in internal storage of your device. Some of the magical video effects available on Like video lip sync app are hearts, Fire effects, Rain effects, star dust and the list continues. LIKE video is available on both android and iOS.

5) MadLipz: Open the app create a dub or a lip sync video, export and share. That’s right, MadLipz is an instant lip sync, dub, meme and parody creator app. MadLipz allows users to create instant voiceover and parodies with subtitles. The lip sync has a library of thousands of ready-made videos, clips, dubs etc.

The timeline of your MadLipz profile showcases all your work whenever any user visits your profile. The lip sync app is available on both android and iOS.

6) Zoomerang: A lip sync app which also adds up as a music editor, allows users to make short videos with background music, special effects and make fully packaged video with minimum effort. The lip sync app has free features as well as in app purchases for paid filters, effects and other add-ons. Zoomerang has as an AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered algorithm to analyse the music and suggest best suited effects to users. The app is available on both android and iOS.

7) V Mate: V Mate is a lip sync app, video editor and video downloader app owned by the Chinese giant Ali Baba. The app lists all trending and viral videos, tv show clips, movie simulated clips, popular dialogues etc for the users. The app also adds up as a video editor and comes with in-built filters and video effects to enhance the quality of video. Users can also customise their feed based on their interest, likes etc. Apart from English, V Mate also supports Hindi and Punjabi. The app is available on both android and iOS.

8) KWAI: Kwai is a lip sync app & video creator app that allows users to create short videos using their smartphones. KWAI also supports many advance filters and animations that users can add in their videos. Some of the magical effects available are, Rain Effects, motion control, 3D video option, selfie transformation etc. The app is available on both android and iOS.

So here is the list of 8 Best Lip Sync apps that can act as a medium to make you famous. Get Started Now to become the next User Generated Content sensation on the internet.

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