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Before we start, let’s understand the difference between trailers and teasers.

Teasers main purpose is to just tease the audience. They’re usually around a minute and it rarely has a narrative.

Trailers are more elaborate with a narration and provide a crisp synopsis of the movie.

YouTube just released a complete list of most viewed trailers on YouTube Indian platform on last Wednesday. And as contradicting it may seem to you (as a reader), but KABALI is not “the most viewed trailer on YouTube of India.” Well, it’s not even a trailer. It was initially released as a Teaser.

– Vidooly’s analysis of top Indian trailers on YouTube –

Top Indian trailers – Views Per Day

In the world of YouTube analytics, Views Per Day is very crucial. This shows how many YouTube users (Worldwide) watched the trailer per day from the date it got uploaded to the YouTube channel.

Here are the top 4 Indian trailers on YouTube.

Raees | Trailer

In 8 days, Raees generated 25,045,177 (25 Million) views. This is approximately 3130647 views per day.

Dangal | Official Trailer

In 56 days, Dangal generated 37,172,014 (37 million) views. This is approximately 663785 views per day.

Kaabil Official Trailer

In 51 days, Kaabil’s teaser generated 21,144,385 (21 million) views. This is approximately 412773 views per day.

Shivaay | Official Trailer

In 129 days, Shivaay generated 29,295,239 (29 million) views. This is approximately 227094 views per day.


In 228 days, Kabali’s “Teaser” generated 32,945,612 (32 million) views. This is approximately 144498 views per day.

Kabali is not even the most watched teaser. Ae Dil Hai Mushkil – Teaser generated 23,046,034 (23 million) views. Which is approximately 215383 views per day.

Here is the final top 10 list of most viewed YouTube trailers and Teasers in India.

Teaser/TrailerViews Per Day
Raees | Trailer 31,306,47
Dangal | Official Trailer66,3785
Befikre Official Trailer52,7008
Kaabil Official Trailer41,2773
Shivaay | Official Trailer 22,7094
Ae Dil Hai Mushkil | Teaser21,5383
M.S.Dhoni - The Untold Story21,0542
Ae Dil Hai Mushkil | Trailer 18,9990
SULTAN Official Trailer 16,9740
Kabali Tamil Movie | Official Teaser 14,4498
So, how Kabali is the most viewed YouTube “trailer” of India?

Kabali released the teasers in three languages. First Tamil, then Telugu, and then Hindi. YouTube calculated the total viewership generated by these three teasers, which eventually notches the top spot in the list of most viewed Indian trailers on YouTube. {Check the Stats below}

Name of the TeaserYT Views
Kabali Movie | Official Hindi Teaser4,812,168
Kabali Tamil Movie | Official Teaser 32,945,612
Kabali Telugu Movie | Official Teaser 6,561,656
Total Views 44,319,436

Final Observations –

KABALI holds a special distinction for being the teaser with most likes (46,5307).

Befikre Official Trailer is most disliked Indian movie trailer with more than 48,884 dislikes.

Out of top 10 Indian movie trailers, 4 movies are based on Sports drama. This actually justifies the popularity of RIO OLYMPICS in India.

Top 4 most viewed trailers on YouTube released in the winter season are most watched. (Oct – Dec)

Most viewed Indian movie trailer on YouTube in the first 24 hours is Raees – Official Trailer. It generated 20.2 million views by December 7, 2016.

Most viewed movie trailer WORLDWIDE – The Fate Of TheFurious – Official Trailer with 139 million views.

The average length of Indian Trailers is 2 Minutes 53 Seconds. 

Here are the Indian movie trailers/teasers arranged purely on YouTube viewership

Trailer-Teaser Viewership
Dangal | Official Trailer37,172,014
SULTAN Official Trailer 34,627,125
Befikre Official Trailer34,255,548
Kabali Tamil Movie | Official Teaser 32,945,612
Shivaay | Official Trailer 29,295,239
M.S.Dhoni - The Untold Story26,317,838
Raees | Trailer 25,045,177
FAN | Official Trailer24,959,938
Ae Dil Hai Mushkil | Teaser23,046,034
Sultan Teaser 121,280,512

Industry Analysis

This report has a detailed analysis of the most viewed movie trailers on YouTube in India. We have analyzed trailers in eight Indian regional languages for the report – Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, Bhojpuri, Bengali, and Marathi.

The report contains:

– The top 10 movie trailers from the different movie industries in India
– Average length of the trailers
– Most liked and disliked trailers
– Trailer release pattern month-wise
– Trailer performance pattern month-wise

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