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Live stream videos are gaining traction across the globe, whether on social media or in personal & professional space. They offer individuals and brands a direct way to engage by simultaneously recording and broadcasting in real time. Live streaming is nowadays prevalent across multiple domains like social media, video games, product launch, eSports, etc. and for the same reason live video streaming apps are coming with multiple features like live talk with the broadcaster, group-chats and much more.

As our mobile phones, tablets, and laptops today are equipped with High-Resolution Cameras, we can now broadcast the stream easily with quality. By keeping in mind the basic features, we have tried to consolidate a list of live video streaming apps by evaluating them on Platform Compatibility, Inter-device Compatibility, Advanced Features, and Usability.


Periscope is a Twitter product which has easy-to-use UI making the UX very promising even for a newbie. Like most of its competitor live video streaming apps, it can be freely installed for both Android and iOS platform. Periscope also provides Web-based view where anyone can watch Live streaming or the recent broadcast on any search Topic. There is a list of trending / featured streamers and it is easy to find trending streams which we can follow and watch by their name and place (If a user has allowed the website to share this information, others can see where the user is streaming from) or to find broadcasters using tags like games, music etc. The active location feature allows users to find viewers from nearby locations for even more interaction.

The App provides you with good analytics data, you can see and follow the people who are watching you, sketch on the stream, hide your chat, and also save the broadcast to your phone with a choice whether to allow public access or just share the broadcast with your friends.

So if you are frequent twitter user then periscope is a must have app.

Facebook Live

This is an integrated feature in Facebook and Facebook creator app and it lets the Facebook users go live and broadcast the video with their followers on Facebook. The app can be installed without any charge on both Android and iOS app stores and is also available on the web-based interface of Facebook. It let the user interact with viewers in real time with chat, and monitor live reactions to gauge how the broadcast is going. For those who missed the broadcast can view it later on the page or profile from which it was made live.

It is really easy to add filters and text in the live broadcast feed, as well as color on the screen. Options to change the front and back camera, donation button are available and besides personal profiles, Facebook Live is also available for groups and events, so you can broadcast selectively to the people in a particular group.

Instagram Live Stories

Just like Facebook, Instagram has live-streaming as an in-built feature in its main app. To go live, what you need to do is, go to the home tab and swipe to the right and you find some options listed below on the screen from which you need to tap on the ‘live’ option. As soon as users go live, some of their followers will get a notification about the live feed, the rest can see a “Live” tag on user’s Instagram story and if they want, can watch the broadcast.

While watching a broadcast which can last for as long as one hour, you can like and comment on your broadcaster’s live streams and as soon as broadcast ends the feed becomes unavailable.

The Instagram app like most other live video streaming apps is available for free on both iOS and Android app store. 

YouTube Live

YouTube Live comes integrated into YouTube and YouTube Gaming app which is available for free on both iOS and Android app store and just like Facebook, YouTube also supports streaming via web-interface. It must be noted that live streaming on YouTube is available for channel owners only and also has a set of rules which must be qualified before you go live.

To go live, open the app or web interface and on the Top-right corner of the page, tap the upstream icon to select Go Live. For the first time users, this might require you to verify using your number and after successful verification, you can switch between the camera to show or hide your face in the live stream, mute the mic, and even disable comments. The wide range of advance features includes filters, editing, music, and many more advanced features like enabling ads and using super chat. For those who missed the stream, an archive gets saved to the channel.


Livestream can be attributed as the market leader in the live video streaming apps broadcasting domain due to its quality. The app can be installed without any charge on both Android and iOS app stores. As most of its users are using it for professional purposes with high-end video cameras and webcams and for such uses, it requires a subscription fee. With the app, you can access through the library to find thousands of broadcasters across the globe. You can follow your friends and favorite to get notified whenever they go live. You can also broadcast live from your phone or tablet to viewers watching on Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp or any other such website.

The app users can choose from a wide range of filters and choose specific categories, making a video discoverable to others with built-in chat feature to enhance engagement and also you can enjoy the stream on big screens with Roku, Chromecast or Apple TV.

Twitch : Livestream Multiplayer Games & Esports

Twitch unlike other live video streaming apps is a platform of which video game streaming constitutes the majority ( 250+ billion minutes of gaming content ) has approximately more than 15 million daily active users and more than 2.2 million monthly broadcasters as per 2018 reports. Users can purchase games through the service and partners can display a purchase button on their stream, which pays a 5 percent commission on a sale.

Twitch is not just for gamers who broadcast their games but also for those who like to watch game play and they actually constitute a large part of the viewers. The app can be installed without any charge on both Android and iOS app stores.


Streamago which is free on both Android and iOS app store can broadcast live video to a Facebook community, either privately or publicly. While watching live streams, you can favorite them and add a comment. You can even send some Virtual gifts to your viewers using real money. The live stream link can be shared on Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, and all such social media platforms and also the leaderboard feature and search options help you discover the most popular & trending broadcasts.

The replay feature lets you replay a stream after it has ended. You can also follow people, so that the next time they broadcast you get a notification. The app lets you decide the quality of broadcast being low, medium or high.

Hang W/

If you are an organization, celebrity or an influencer having a good following then this app is for you because of its trendy UI making it exclusive. The app is free for both Android and iOS platform with in-app purchases. You can connect your recording devices like GoPro cameras or one-touch YouTube sharing and post your broadcast using connected recording devices.

The users can broadcast their thoughts and can even participate in open discussions. Like other Live video streaming apps, you can interact with the broadcaster and you can click on the chat bubble to show all the live comments. Additionally, they can view broadcasts from anyone on the platform, not necessarily following each other.

At Last, there is account privacy to limit broadcasts to certain followers by setting any channel you create to private.

Creator Dashboard

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