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Video streaming is an essential part of every modern branding and marketing strategy. Right now, it is easier than ever to create a professional grade video that delivers compelling content and a message to the target audience. Speaking in front of a camera has become much simpler today with the immense use of digital technology and social media, making this one of the best tools marketers have.

What is live streaming video, really? It’s a process of speaking in front of a camera and streaming it to your audience in real time. This has proven to be a very effective method that drives more sales to a business if done properly. However, for many people, talking to the camera is a bit uncomfortable, which is why you should definitely implement the tips below.

Why You Should Use Live Video Marketing

There is no doubt that people love video messages. Videos are constantly viewed and shared by millions of people on social media platforms, including video platforms like YouTube. In fact, it is often said that videos can perform better than blog content since they are more attractive and require less effort on behalf of the audience. Research has shown that quality videos drive more views, engagement and traffic.

When you take this one step further and let people view your video in real time, they are able to participate in it and get the original, untreated version of your video content. At this moment, statistics show that 80% of online users will rather watch a brand’s live video than reading the content it publishes.

Live Streaming Video

How to Use Streaming Marketing to Boost Your Business’ Success?

Before we introduce you to some useful tips for using live streaming to boost the success of your business, let’s consider the platforms where you can promote your streaming marketing:

  • Instagram Live

Instagram Live is one of the most popular Instagram novelties, allowing users to engage with their followers in real time. Currently, there are 100 million people using the live stream option on this platform every day.

  • Facebook Live

Facebook has been one of the top platforms for marketing for quite a while now. Right now, their live feature is the most popular marketing tool used by Facebook users. Live streaming provides users with bigger audience, which is obvious by the increased engagement on this platform when compared to the traditional videos.

  • YouTube Live

Being the most popular video platform in the world, YouTube has also introduced a streaming option. You can now leverage the powers of YouTube live to attract more people to see your live streaming videos. However, the platform isn’t as open to live interactions like the Instagram and Facebook Live options.

  • Periscope

Periscope is, in fact, Twitter’s live streaming version. With your Twitter account, you can share a live video with your followers and other users. This feature has been widely used by brands like Dunkin Donuts, Bark & Co. as well as Red Bull.

  • LiveStream

LiveStream is one of the smaller platforms, but a very popular one for live video marketing.

Tactics for Boosting Your Marketing Strategy

Now that we’ve been through a list of the most popular live streaming platforms you should use, let’s go through some of the essential tactics that will help you use streaming to your business’ benefit.

1.    Use Teasers

You want people to tune in to the live stream you are creating for them, don’t you? You can’t just expect them to sit on their social media platforms, waiting for you to come up with a nice video. As you’re preparing for live streaming, make sure that your audience knows when to tune in and watch the video. This should give you more exposure and help you make sure that your target audience sees your latest marketing technique. To do this, you should use teasers that give the audience a heads-up for the upcoming live stream.

2.    Create a Script

If you want to be certain about your marketing strategy, you should definitely do some planning at first. Unless you are a true video expert who can come up with concise, interesting and useful content in real time, you should do at least a bit of preparation before you go online.

However, if you need some help with this and aren’t certain how you should approach your audience, reach out to these affordable math help services to do your research and write a script for you to try out.

3.    Perform a couple of Dry Runs

Use the script or rough draft you have for your streaming in a couple dry runs to see how the live streaming will go. After all, reading from a script while talking will not be well-accepted from your audience, so you should definitely get acquainted with the things you plan to say before the actual live streaming begins.

4.    Test Different Video Content Strategies

Of course, you should definitely make a video advertisement to attract a wider audience. However, to truly leverage the powers of this marketing tool, you should experiment with it. Ask customers to do short videos sharing their experience with your service, use live streaming to teach the target audience of your products and services, provide short video tutorials and guides, etc. You should use live streaming to build a connection with the target audience in addition to trying to make sales.

5.    Connect to the Audience

Live streaming is a unique opportunity to communicate with the audience in real time, which is why it is so popular in the first place. When planning for your streaming strategy, make sure you leave some room to connect to the audience and answer some of their questions.

Live Streaming Video

6.    Use Incentives

You can’t just post video after video that speaks and promotes your content without giving the audience some incentive to buy it. Every marketer knows how well deals, rewards and other special offers affect the decision of the customer to buy from a company. So, why not use this opportunity to offer an incentive and reel the customers in?

7.    Be Consistent with Your Videos

People are creatures of habit, so you can’t just test live streaming once and be over with it. They’ll expect more to come, especially if your video was good and successful.

Don’t stop streaming when you do it once or twice. Live streaming is a proven way to attract more audience, so you might want to find new ways to present your products and services to those who haven’t seen your streams.

If you’re finding it hard to find time for streaming, make sure to create a schedule for live broadcasting. This should keep you organized and, according to statistics, it will be quite worth it. And of course, whenever you choose to do live streaming, make sure to do it during the peak time for your target audience.

The Bottom Line

Shooting and streaming live videos can be challenging and overwhelming, especially if you have no experience in it. However, since we’re living in a digital era where live streaming is frequent on social media and other video platforms, you should definitely consider adding this to your current marketing strategy. The tricks above should help you use this effective tool to promote your brand and grow your business.

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