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Makeup YouTube channels are flooded with popular celebrities, expensive brands, views and money. The makeup and beauty community is one of the largest aggregation of creators and influencers that monetize their channels on the platform.

Apart from the gaming segment, music and sports communities these makeup YouTube channels are some of the high earning popularly watched videos. The makeup artists and beauticians have come a long way in producing videos that are more professional these days.

There are many content creators from the beauty community that have been featured in world class magazines like Forbes and many have been tagged as high earning YouTubers. As the fashion switches with time these makeup YouTube channels come up with innovative beauty hacks, tips to look better and tricks on enhancing overall personality.

Let us learn about some interesting makeup YouTube channels which are giving major fashion goals and beauty hacks to people this 2020.

Makeup YouTube channels to follow

#1 Tati Westbrook

The popular beauty influencer has a consistent career on the world’s most popular video streaming platform. She runs one of the most successful verified makeup YouTube channels with over 9.6 million subscribers. Tati has been in news for her regular spats with fellow YouTubers like James Charles such as in the video “bye sister”.

Her channel provides regular videos to its audiences regarding beauty product hauls, unbiased reviews of makeup products and tutorials with best hacks. She started her own brand named the “Halo Beauty” which claims to manufacture all natural, no preservative, cruelty free, vegan, no sugar products as hair, nails and skin supplements.

#2 Manny Mua

Being a male beauty ambassador for brands like Maybelline, Manny inspires a lot. He runs one of the rare makeup YouTube channels that is full of amazing videos on makeup hacks, tutorials to specific looks, experiments, quick how to vlogs and more. where the world is fighting for causes like gender equality that shed more light on the plight of females in profession, very less has been spoken about men in beauty industry.

Manny believes men can wear makeup without being judged and still striving to make the mark and give out the right message to all. His videos have magical millions of views and the channel sees a subscriber collection over 4.8 million.

#3 Jaclyn Hill

Famous collaborations with the Kardashians to a controversial launch of beauty product line, Hill has one of the most loved makeup YouTube channels. The professional American makeup and beauty expert likes to share her reviews over cosmetics, create helpful vlogs for audiences and give makeup tutorials to all. With over 5.86 million subscribers on the verified channel,

She uploads regular videos about seasonal makeup idea, smokey eye tricks, party looks and casual makeup tips. The channels has garnered more engagement with its authentic content that is also entertaining while being widely accepted.

#4 Anaysa

Run by the popular makeup and beauty influencer Shruti Arjun Anand, Anaysa was previously known as PrettyPriya TV. It is one of the rare Indian Makeup YouTube channels which has got fame worldwide. The videos uploaded on this channel focuses on various aspects such as lifestyle, beauty hacks & treatments, makeup tips and tricks.

As India is known for its home remedies and use of easy ingredients for DIY product to handle beauty, Anaysa provides easy simple make at home solutions to enhance beauty and maintain good looks which is not found in most of the other beauty channels. They are a home channel to over 8.9 million subscribers and several views on all their videos.

#5 Grav3yardgirl

Rachel “bunny” meyer initially visited graveyards and documented her personal paranormal experiences on this channel. Sounds fun already? Well she transformed it into a makeup and fashion oriented channel that now has over 8.5 million followers.

She calls her followers as the “swamp family” and provides them with content like unboxing, haul reviews, beauty hacks, quick makeover ideas etc. Meyer started her “does this really work?” series where she tested popular beauty claims on television.

#6 SaraBeautyCorner- DIY,Comedy, Makeup, Nailart

Sara lawler is known for her unique, fun and vibrant ideas on nailart, makeup and room décor. She runs one of the most entertaining as well as engaging makeup YouTube channels which has regular videos about DIY makeup hacks, never before room makeovers and nail art for both long and short types.

Her creativity has attracted a lot of teenage audience who love to try her ideas. The verified channel has over 10 million subscribers that support her fun creativity from all sides.

#7 Nikkie Tutorials

Nikkie de Jager started following her passion at a tender age of 14 years. She has grown a completely dedicated and one of the most famous makeup YouTube channels that is purely makeup and transformations.

She is known for uploading videos of amazing unbelievable transformations and giving out the message to her viewers on the power of makeup. Nikkie’s tutorials has some of the finest makeup procedures which would literally change the way one always appeared.

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