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It all started after a British YouTuber Marina Joyce posted a normal video and her fans/e-detectives observed some things that were notably off about her in the video. Such as- Her eyes were wider than usual, there were long periods of silence in her speech, she was repeating her words in a confused manner and she spoke in an uncharacteristically high-pitched, faraway manner. She frequently looked off-camera for guidance and there appeared to be another person directing her movements. At one point, she seemed to utter the words “help me”. Some viewers discovered bruises on her arms and it seemed to them as if she was being forced to make that video.

But in reality, they were just overanalyzing little things and jumping to bizarre conclusions. They thought she was being abused by a boyfriend, or doing drugs, she was kidnapped by the Islamic State, kidnapped by The Illuminati, possessed by the devil, and basically they thought she was not okay. Some even said that she died.

It was mildly-partly her fault too as after uploading the video on Tuesday night,  she made these 3 tweets inviting her followers to a meetup.

#SaveMarinaJoyce tweets

People thought it was a trap set-up by ISIS and they’d be shot or bombed or something. Even big YouTubers like Alfie Deyes and many more concerned tweeted and asked people not to go to this event tomorrow. But, if you check the actual facebook event, it wasn’t dated for the next day, it was dated for a week later.

It was at this point and after a few Chinese whispers when the whole internet freaked out. The rumor was popular enough to make the hashtag #SaveMarinaJoyce trend worldwide, and when so many people were calling the cops saying they’re worried about her, the police had to pay her house a visit at 3am in the morning. They investigated her mother who said ‘she’s absolutely fine, sleeping in her bed’, and issued the following statement.

And some trolls who just wanted to take this controversy as an opportunity made that kidnapping-conspiracy worse by tweeting fake hostage-held videos and ‘tweets that Marina deleted’, where some people thought she really was in danger. People also started talking about how it was a huge PR stunt because she gained 300,000 subscribers on YouTube within that night. From not even half a million to 1.9Million and counting.

The same happened with the growth of her twitter followers. And her ‘Date Outfit Ideas’ video now has more than 28 million views. That video was sponsored, and the amount of money she’ll get for her future sponsored content will increase dramatically just like her audience has.

The next morning she put that crazy trend to a rest by tweeting:

She also said that she was doing a Livestream on YouNow and a lot of curious people tuned in. During the Livestream, she said that the bruising came from tripping in a forest and she bruised herself bad. She also said she was not on drugs, hasn’t been kidnapped, and cannot understand why this story blew up so much.

There were also these screenshots from the stream where people asked her to touch her hair or do the heart thing with her hands if she was not okay, and she did. But if you’ve seen her videos, that’s just what she does all the time. (People joke about it a lot now in YouTube comments. Like take Jenna’s new video, I saw comments like, “Breathe if you’re being abused by your ISIS boyfriend.” They’re joking because that’s exactly how it was.)

“I just woke up one morning and the hashtag #SaveMarinaJoyce was happening everywhere.”

“It is incredible what people have done. They have helped my channel so much now.”

“I now know that if I’m ever really in trouble or in danger then my YouTube viewers will be there for me.”

“It is sad to waste police time but they clearly do care too.”

Joyce’s mother told Mail Online the whispered “help me” fans had noticed in a video was actually her saying “stand like me” as she was trying to give her daughter some direction while she filmed her.

To clear some air and thank people for caring so much about her, she uploaded a new video on her channel-

In conclusion, let’s just say Marina is just a gullible young girl who was thrown into this insane situation. She might have a drug problem, she might be getting abused, or maybe it is really just as she says, and that is- nothing. If she has a drug addiction, we should try to understand that such a thing is hard enough to admit to yourself or your family, who in this world, and especially someone as young as her would want to admit it to the world?! In an interview she said, she would never do that to her body/health, her viewers, or her family. Let’s just take her word on that. Sometimes people are in complicated family/love-life situations, the physical abusing might just be a small part of it, if it is.

No one really knows the complete story. If she really is having a hard time, this is the last she needs, minus the number of followers and publicity she has gained.  

She has also been accused of making that publicity happen, but in fact, she didn’t start any of those rumors, her fans did. The only thing she can be accused of is that she’s a confused girl going through something bad, so obviously her answers would seem vague and or poorly worded. Like how she said her fans did everything. Which they did. So she doesn’t need more hate because this ‘PR stunt’ was definitely not pulled by her, but she is really happy that she gained so much from it, as would any normal person.

That is it, the drama is all over, or is it getting crazier?


Now there’s a new and hilarious conspiracy theory on Brazilian social media that Beyoncé Kidnapped Sia and that she is holding Sia hostage in a subterranean lair, forcing her to write songs. There’s even a #SaveSia hashtag. But all you’re gonna see are memes and a few dumb people believing that crap.sub-buzz-19840-1469799380-1

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