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The information and knowledge imparting capabilities of the World Wide Web is incredible. There is barely anything that we will not find on the social media channels, platforms and sites.

Right from live surgeries to maintaining a proper diet during certain disease or illness, the world’s largest video streaming platform has got you covered with its Medical YouTube channels.

There are several resources with valid authentication and license to share material to assist students, researchers, patients and visitors about any specific topic.

They consist of content that is very relevant to dynamic situations therefore YouTube is a trusted platform for users and presenters equally.

medical YouTube channels

As the world comes together to fight the pandemic disease spread due to the Corona virus aka COVID-19 we have mentioned some great medical YouTube channels to follow in 2020.

7 amazing Medical YouTube channels

  1. Armando Hasudungan

The channel has over 1.36 million subscribers besides millions and thousands views over single topic launched. It is administered by a medical student Armando who provides well illustrated, neatly drawn and defined medical topics. Right from complex nephrology diagrams to embryology concepts including tertiary level chemical compounds and formulas, he explains them all with ease. The channel is considered one of the best due to its regular uploads that are easy to understand for anyone. It deserves all the mention and praise for the beautifully made figures and simple way of educating viewers.

  1. Osmosis

It is one of the verified medical YouTube channels that has garnered over 1.44 million subscribers and millions of views on some of its tutorials. The channel clearly stands for the name it has picked for itself “osmosis” which is basically a biological phenomenon involving semi permeable membrane and particles. The founder simplifies the gallons of information related to any process or theory into interactive and engaging short videos. They are regular and updated.

  1. One-minute medical school

It is one of the most creative medical YouTube channels which is very easy to engage with due to its proper explanation and figure drawing. The channel has received much praise for being simplified in format and hardly 1 minute in duration in most of its videos. The purpose of the channel is clear and that is to impart right knowledge about health, biology, and medical science. The channel is often seen showing a mascot face which actually belongs to its founder doctor Rob Tarzwell. He is more inclined towards responding to matters related to cardio-respiratory medicines, radiobiology and nuclear science.

  1. Larry Mellick

One of the smart medical YouTube channels was founded for short form videos which will be educating viewers about emergency conditions. There are several stories that are shared with permission from the subjected patients to spread knowledge about how to handle urgency. It clearly explains all kind of emergency medicine procedures that one must know to avoid further risk. It is a 100% monetized channel which raises fund from the channel and donates to the University of south Alabama emergency medicine residency program.

  1. Interactive biology

It doesn’t matter if you are preparing for your high school examinations or are freshening up knowledge to get that fresher medical job, Interactive biology is the right medical YouTube channels that you must subscribe to now. It explains some of the lessons on kinesiology, pathology, circulatory system and more with short videos that are very engaging in the style and content.

  1. Harvard medical school

Going by the name of this one of the most viral and highly popular medical YouTube channels, Harvard medical school is managed by the university administration. Topics ranging from technology, biology to innovation ideas they cover it all. The videos are short, professional, to the point and highly informative in format due to which they have a bigger fan following and subscribers.

  1. Medcram Videos

Medical researches regarding signs, symptoms, treatment and precautions are very well explained in the videos uploaded by them. The crystal clear defining and presentation in them has made it rank among the top medical YouTube channels which is a praiseworthy. Students seek more reference and help from Medcram because of their style of teaching that includes the right information. Dr. Roger Seheult hosts the videos and engages his viewers with some best content related to health and fitness.

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