ListsImportance of Memes in Social Media Marketing for Brands & Creators

Major surveys have found that a human mind can retain up to 65% of the visual content 3 days after viewing it in comparison to just 10% retention in the case of text-based content.

It is an obvious inference that we can draw from the natural social media trends these days. Right from the high viewership rate of YouTube to the increasing spike in the user base of popular social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram, it is all revolving around videos, photos, gifs and most loved content format, The meme.

Memes in social media marketing are versatile, creative and highly relatable for the audiences due to which it gathers quick views, reaches, clicks and engagements. While many marketers and bloggers will hold the view of categorising the content format into comedy and fun, it may differ in reality.

Memes in social media marketing

Yes, it is not a doubt that most memes going viral online are funny content but we have also come across meme content that is informative, intelligent and brilliant in data insights.

As we move on to discuss this wonderful new concept of memes in social media marketing and brands it is also important to know the difference between Memes and other visual and graphical representations like trolls or jokes.

Memes in social media marketing

A joke is meant to be funny while a troll is mostly sarcasm, satire and a bit leaning towards insult whereas a Meme may or may not be funny and informative. It can be a video gif with some information or a straight snap from popular scenes and dialogues depicting current situations.

Why Should Marketers use Memes in Social Media Marketing?

The Meme culture is rising ever since the day it got popular. This one content format is easy, affordable, simplified and most importantly needs rare to no technical designing knowledge. Anyone with creativity and ideas in mind can just get started with making the most viral upcoming memes.

The majority of the memes in social media marketing are basically an assembly of content made earlier in form of movies, music albums, documentary, art, and other similar forms that can trigger an idea. Marketers must understand the demand for this type of content because it has multiple benefits and can help their brands succeed in promotions and advertising.

Memes in social media marketing

Meme requires very basic sources and tools to develop them hence, these low resolution less effort visual content have more to give back in their store. Audiences tend to follow and believe in brands that have unique content. Where else can one create new, original versions of their brand on a regular basis?

Memes are a kind of DIY content that needs a theme, idea, message, visuals and sense of gathering it all in the right manner in one place. People value graphics that are self-made instead of a copy-paste and in the case of memes, the assemble of already created raw sources helps the designer create never-before visual content.

Importance of Memes in Social Media Marketing

Here are few points that we consider a plus for marketers and brands looking forward to ace their social media game at a quick pace.

  1. Inexpensive: As discussed earlier in this blog, making memes is affordable because it doesn’t require any professional equipment or tool to create one moreover, the artwork used in it can be reused again and need not be any original content. In order to develop a meme, marketers can use simple apps and tools like Canva, photoshop or even just the Ms paint. All it needs is some visualization, idea and understanding of audiences and their interests.
  2. Relevant to customers: The Meme culture grew popular because people could relate themselves with the content as well as it entertained them. As memes are mostly based on current situations, trending events or a hot topic, they tend to make more sense to the public, appear original, urban and updated. This increases the intensity of the relationship between the brand and its audiences. The content type gathers community appeals to the mass and makes them feel connected with the brand because these memes have common agenda that joins the dots hence, be more relatable.
    Memes in social media marketing
  3. Entertains and Engages: Memes are indefinite in terms of the idea, style, presentation and other involved factors. It can be a video with a caption, a repeating gif, a smartly placed boomerang or just a graphic design with an appropriate caption. They involve viewers with the theme, relativity with trending topics and attractive layouts due to which one finds a meme interesting and worth engaging in form of comments, likes and shares. It increases brand credibility, online presence, and trust factor besides building the personality.
  4. Sustainability of content: Anyone who remembers a long blog drafted on a specific topic? Hardly any. It is because we may not process the complete piece of article with more texts and fewer visuals and tend to forget the basics in no time. Memes are here to save the brands and creators from that loss of longevity of content. Memes are here to stay. Good meme content holds the potential to get viral quickly without bare to no efforts or social media strategy for the same. They are engaging and encourage viewers to share as soon as it is seen. This is how good meme content tends to stay in the mind of audiences longer than any other form of content online.

Memes in social media marketing is a smart, updated, effective way to capture the target market, spread brand awareness, build a sustainable marketing plan and help the company stay on top. Everyone must try using memes in the campaigns and content publishing to see how it benefits their particular business on social media channels.

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