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On September 26th, 2007, MSN Video/Live Search Video was launched by Microsoft. Later on June 1st, 2009, it was rebranded as Bing Video Search. The service works as a search engine that enables the users to browse and view videos across various websites on the web.

In this blog, we will discuss what Bing Video Search is all about, its features and a better understanding of it against other search engines out there.

What is Bing?

Bing Video Search
Source: The Verge

Microsoft owns and operates the web search engine Bing. Its origin connects back to the previous search engines that Microsoft had – Windows Live Search, MSN Search & Live Search. The services that Bing provides search in categories of general web search, images, videos, maps, and products. Bing is reported to be the third largest search engines in the US (as of October 2018), with query volume of 4.58% – making it stand behind Google (77%) and Baidu (14.45%). Bing also largely powers Yahoo! Search and that has a query volume of 2.63%.

Features Of Microsoft Bing Video Search

Bing Video Search
Source: Bing

Along with the general features of a video search engine which also extensive browsing of music videos, T.V shows, news, sports videos and more, Bing Video Search provides some unique features as well:

  • It has the features of Smart Preview which allow users to preview any video by simply mousing over its thumbnail. This short preview of the original video that is shown instantly on Bing Videos is also now available across YouTube.
  • Videos can be filtered and search on the basis of their video duration as well.
  • Sorting of videos is possible either by relevance or date.
  • Searches can be viewed in both list view and grid view as per user convenience.
  • Once you drop in a search query, the Related People feature suggests you the other famous people suggested with the query.
  • The Bing Video Search Engine is seamlessly integrated with other Bing services as well, including Bing News.

Bing Video Search vs YouTube Search

Bing Video Search
Source: Search Engine Journal

One thing that is important to point out while comparing Bing Video Search and YouTube Search is the diversity of search results. When you are looking for a video on Bing Video Search, it not only shows you results from YouTube but also throws in results from other video search engines such as Vimeo and Dailymotion. Although, it largely depends on the type of search query you’ve put in.

Before YouTube adapted the video preview feature on hovering over a video, this feature was always there on Bing Video Search which made it a major differentiator. It still stands out because in Bing Video Search, along with the preview there’s also sound which makes it very convenient to judge the video quality. YouTube has a non-sound preview only.

Another cool feature available on Bing Video Search is that you can save videos by clicking on the “Save” button. It accumulates in the “My Saves” section, for you to watch later and sort them into customized collections. This works in a similar way as YouTube’s “Watch Later” playlist.

5 Reasons To Search With Bing

Bing Video Search
Source: Medium

“Google” or “Googling” is now a verb that we use on a daily basis now but it might be surprising to realize that it’s alternative in the market – Microsoft Bing Search also has some interesting features up its sleeve. Here we have listed 5 reasons why you should consider using Bing for your searches:

Advanced Result Pages

When you search for something on a search engine, there usually may not be black and white results for it – meaning there can be two sides to your query. Bing Search adapts itself very well to that fact. For all non-black and white searches that you make, it shows your results in the form of Pros and Cons for your convenience. It basically aggregates data from multiple sources using its artificial intelligence.

Image Search At It’s Best

Adding to all the various filter available while making an image search such as date, type, size, license, etc – Bing Video Search gives you the unique ability to create specific feeds around the topics that you like such as Nature, Food, Travel, etc. This is the ultimate dream who someone who loves to have their stuff neatly sorted. Reverse searches are also possible wherein you can put an image URL or upload an image to look for it. It has a “celebrity recognition” feature that allows you to identify images with famous people and indicating their names.

Quality Video Searches

As mentioned before in this blog, despite the monopoly of Google and YouTube pertaining to video searches – Bing does a pretty good job in showcasing video search results in a user-friendly interface. Instead of 10 YouTube links shown against a query, Bing Video Search allows you to scroll through videos from diverse platforms, show up trending videos, personalized feed and bring your “saved videos” to your notice.

Bing Predictions

Bing is a search engine which not only gives you results for what you ask for but also goes a step ahead to give you predictions using the knowledge collected by it’s Artificial Intelligence. This feature comes in very handy while looking for something related to sports, entertainment, and politics. The prediction is basically in the form of a percentage chance of winning a particular event be it awards, elections or sports.

Bing Rewards You

If you weren’t convinced with all those reasons above to use Bing, then this one is it. Bing has a reward system in place wherein you get reward points for searching, taking online quizzes and using the Edge browser. These points are of course redeemable for goodies that are available at Amazon, Starbucks, etc. Also, you can choose to use them for donations at various organizations.

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