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Understanding the military is not just about the tactics or war-zone history but beyond that. It is about the stories of soldier life, their bravery, leadership qualities, commando lifestyle, a disciplined mindset & much more.

We don’t just watch any video but those that we can connect with, learn from or explore a new idea within it. With military YouTube channels, one will not just get to know about the stories but also learn basic skills to live a better life, expand knowledge base related to many concepts & techniques that are not taught to us otherwise.

With combat footages from the war field, old stories of popular battlefields, influential personalities behind the troops and army, video streaming channels introduce some amazing clips to their audience.

Here we have listed the top verified Military YouTube channels that impart the best information about the defence organisations around the globe.

6 Best Military YouTube Channels to Check out

  1. WarLeaks- Military Blog

The channel exhibits politically unbiased, authentic war footages from around the world under one dashboard. Their team aims at providing the most genuine, educating reports from war fields around the world. It has over 1 million subscribers besides millions of views on the mind-blowing videos. The content is mostly educational and brings documentary videos from around the world regularly. it is considered as one of the best military YouTube channels which serve enthusiastic individuals, military learners and students.

  1. Military Arms channel

Right as its name suggests, MAC is a channel dedicated towards short arms and ammunitions used in military groups across the world. This verified channel has over 1.09 million subscribers that are very active on the videos with their interactions in the comment section. For anyone interested in learning about the techniques, usage style, design, creation or manufacturing of arms must definitely check this channel. They have some super dope videos about military affairs.

  1. ARMYPrincess

A mom in the army teaching the best tips and tricks to be successful in the military profession. Nothing can be more strong and inspiring than this beautiful woman guiding learners and military enthusiasts into one of the best professions in the world. She offers many training videos for people who have newly joined the army or are trying their best to get into it with her own experiences. She has been serving in the US Army for 12 years but started fresh and almost blank about many things. Therefore, she shares her knowledge to help people avoid the mistakes she committed back in those early days of her career. Definitely it is one of the most informative and brilliant military YouTube channels to engage with on the platform.

  1. Military Forces XXI Century

The channel documents the world’s best armies and special forces for its audiences in the form of short duration videos. It has videos on the NATO, Russia, Europe, Asia and US armies in focus. The verified channel has over 384k subscribers where passionate army & military learners can watch videos on green berets, navy seals, Marcos, GROM, hand to hand combat techniques and several other motivational series. Few of the videos are highly engaging and will keep you glued to the screen hence, it surely one amongst the best military YouTube channels that one must check.

  1. Military history visualized

Short, visually appealing, analytically informed engaging videos about military history ranging from classical times to contemporary conflicts make it one of the best military YouTube channels. The channel streams regular videos that have details related to specific battles, war field footages, tried and tested experiments, successful combat tricks and more. It has 567k subscribers with the verified badge that proves the authenticity of its incredible videos.

  1. ADGPI Indian Army

Life is not easy for an Indian soldier. It is nothing less for soldiers all over the world too. They fight to protect their countries and seldom sacrifice their life in the process but what stays back is the legacy and chapters of motivation for the followers. This is the official YouTube channel of one of the world’s finest military force, The Indian Army who have fought several battles and are continuing to do so in order to bring in peace for their countrymen. The channel has short engaging videos that provide a sneak peek into the life of an Indian in the army and their routines. You can find various videos starting from the real footages from the world’s highest battleground, Drass sector where the Kargil war took place to many training purposed videos. There are short films to narrate the tales of chivalry and documentation of major occasions in the country. Definitely a must check channel for people interested in military functioning and training.

Our salute to all the soldiers around the globe who are in the battlegrounds for their respective nations. There cannot be a bigger and better profession than the military and defence services. May every country be blessed with love and peace.

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