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Videos are both the jack and master of almost all trades. Researches state that video ads have the potential to engage a huge number of audiences, convey a complete narration with the intended message, appeal to a wide range of human senses over any other kind of media.

As the quality, quantity and types of content increase online, 2020 is found to have 81% of businesses use video marketing as a prominent marketing tool than 63% of it in 2019. This will possibly increase the consumer internet traffic in 15 folds and constitute 82% of the total consumption.

Mobile video marketing

The hike in numbers and statistics are expected because videos are more easily interpretable, convenient and comparatively engaging. It is noted that 51% of marketing professional globally consider video as the highest ROI generating type of content hence, proving the increasing demand for videos online. Moreover, 59% of working executives have stated that they would prefer watching a video over reading any text.

Rise of mobile video marketing

Apart from the rise in demand for video consumption, type of device it is mostly consumed on matters most. With time the size of gadgets has reduced and today television is of lesser priority for people compared to smartphones. It was found that people were 1.5 times more likely to watch a video on the mobile phone over any other device.

Mobile video marketing is not just convenient but is one of the most widely used marketing technique for the ease of device that is involved over these years. The dynamic shift of digital marketing from the larger desktops to handsets besides the rise in multi-device content generation has supported the change in device preferences.

Mobile video marketing

To strengthen the point, just look around you to find almost everyone engrossed watching some video on their smartphone. YouTube stated that there is a 100% rise in mobile video consumption than the previous year and this is not surprising because the surrounding is obvious as well as a common sight these days. People engage in videos during their commute, at office hours, and post-work too which has increased the magnitude of mobile video marketing.

Mobile video marketing

One of the highest-earning YouTube creators, supposedly a 7-year-old made $22 million last year that puts light on the high demand for the world’s most popular video platform. With over half the video produced being watched on mobile, marketers need a properly thought out strategy and idea to capture an audience on it. Studies claim that around 92% of mobile video viewers tend to share video content on social media platforms that increase the overall potential & credibility of mobile video marketing.

Popular mobile video marketing techniques for brands

  1. Strategize the video

To begin with, successful marketing campaigns must have a clear message to be effective & conveniently understood by the customers.

These days mobile video marketing is in high demand and occupies a bigger section under the canopy subject of video marketing. Brands can use appropriate online tools to attain required details about the market demands and consumption patterns besides the insights. It will help build the right message around the marketing campaign along with ideas to utilize the promotion to the maximum extent.

Mobile video marketing

Statistics & data analysis plays an important role in knowing the wide audience, their preferences, demography and presence. This information can then be used as precursors of the mobile marketing mantra.

Marketers should ensure that they are clear about the target that can either be to achieve sales by promoting product/services or build brand presence.

Avoid spamming audiences with extra promotional videos that can be reported, blocked or simply ignored. When the video content informs, engages, educates and entertains the viewers it will receive equal attention thus, achieving set goals.

  1. Optimize video to suit low-bandwidth connections

When targeting smartphones, marketers must ensure that their videos are short spanned, have shorter page load duration, and perform at low-bandwidth connections. Creating micro-ads is safer over long-form advertisements because people using mobile phones do not spend much time on lengthy content and time-consuming ads.

Mobile video marketing

Quickly loading quality content is the key to proper mobile video marketing because viewers may scroll past the video ad. There are several optimizing techniques available with the video files itself that can improve the speed & total performance. Marketers can also use third-party tools available for free and paid version to uplift the content thereby making it engaging, informative, short & crisp.

  1. Create a compatible mobile video marketing campaign

Reveal the message as quick as possible with the right context because lengthier the video, larger get the boredom. To avoid creating such lackadaisical video ads for mobile phones design an ad that does not run around the bush & communicates within the shortest duration possible.

People will surely skip and engage with other content online because it is already a crowded place out there.

Mobile video marketing

When the message and target are clear brands would not require more words to describe it. Ensure the mobile video ad has minimal expressions, words, & script to convey the message. It should be organised, informative, engaging and must give out the agenda expected by the audiences.

Include the brand somewhere in the first slot or frame itself so that it is remembered even if the viewer doesn’t watch the ad completely. This helps develop a brand presence online and add to the overall brand image.

Mobile video marketing

Resonate with the audience as much as possible and put emphasis over the brand’s logo, icon, mascot etc. to appear more appealing & trustworthy.

  1. Try to impress without volume

Studies found that almost 85% of videos on Facebook are watched without the sound. Moreover, the social media platforms giant Facebook’s executives predicted that their platform will go all video and no-text by 2021. Now, this is one of the busiest social media platforms with a wide range of audience proving the diversity quotient has most brands advertising on it. Almost 62% of people said that they were interested in certain products and brands after seeing them on Facebook that shows the rising value of video ads sans sound.

Mobile video marketing

If you have seen any of the Buzzfeed, Brut, or Hebars Kitchen videos, you will find them highly engaging even without sound. It is because of the subtitles that make it convenient and easy for audiences. Hence, creating viewer friendly mobile video ads that can pass the message without sound may hold immense power to attract more engagement.

The role of adding a jingle, music or voice over to a video is also important in many cases but making the video comfortable in both scenarios is beneficial. For example, Instagram has IGTVs and video posts that can be heard only if the user taps on it. All these conditions indicate that people may or may not use the audio due to various reasons but being prepared for all of the times is the best way out for brands.

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