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Do you know the top 10 most subscribed YouTubers who have risen in 2016? There are so many top YouTube channels which are associated with different companies that produce news, entertainment, music & other types of content; here we’re showcasing top ten individual YouTuber personalities who have maximum subscribers base in the world.

1.) PewDiePie

Subs –  45 million
Category – Video games

Felix Kjellberg started his YouTube career from his college room, then dropped out and sold hotdogs for a living. Now, he is the most subscribed Youtuber in the world. His YouTube channel beat Vevo-branded Youtube channels of music superstars. All this started with his love of games, but his hilarious comedy made him stand out amongst all the gamer YouTubers. Felix Kjellberg made headlines in 2014 when he publically announced his 7 million annual YouTube revenue.

2.) HolaSoyGerman

Subs – 28 million
Category – Vlogs

Ranked second most subscribed Youtuber in the world, he also won the “Icon of the Year” prize from MTV Millennial Awards 2014. His other YouTube channel called JuegaGermán, have a series of favorite games to Gameplays randoms of internet games.

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3.) Smosh

Subs – 22 million
Category – Sketch comedy

Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla spearheaded this YouTube channel with their Comedy sketches before making parodies of famous festivals, scenarios, reaction videos, and much more. They have appeared and starred in several Hollywood movies such as Smoosh- The movie. They are currently as the most subscribed youtube channel originated in the United States.

4.) elrubiusOMG

Subs –  18 million
Category – Video games

He is the 19th popular YouTuber in the world. Although the channel consists mostly of gaming videos, there are many other vlogs and fan Q&A made by Rubén Doblas. Elrubius is the most subscribed Youtube channel originated in Spain and is under Europe’s leading talent network called Divimove.

5.) VanossGaming

Subs – 17 million
Category – Video games

Evan Fong, better known as Venus, often features a rotating cast of collaborators and fans tend to enjoy the interplay between him and his pals as much as they enjoy the sometimes unorthodox gameplay. With more than 17 million subscribers, Vanoss the most subscribed Youtube channel originated from Canada.

6.) Nigahiga

Subs – 17 million
Category – Comedy

He is extremely popular for his videos depicting present day scenarios which made his first YouTube video in 2006 when he was still in high school in Hawaii. Ryan acted in short movies like Agents of Secret Stuff and also starred on an episode of Supah Ninjas.

7.) JennaMarbles

Subs –  16 million
Category – Vlogs

Jenna frequently collaborates with Tyler Oakley, and has appeared in many popular late night shows. Her YouTube channel is also the second most subscribed to Vlogging category. If you don’t know how to trick people into thinking you’re good looking, then you will love this channel.

8.) Yuya

Subs – 15 million
Category –Beauty

Mariand’s Youtube channel is the most subscribed YouTube channel hailing from Mexico. She started her YouTube channel by participating in a makeup competition eventually creating a beauty YouTube channel with more than 15 million subscribers.

9.) VEGETTA777

Subs – 14 million
Category –Video games

A Spanish YouTuber based in Los Angeles, Samuel de Luque, better known by his Dragon Ball invoking YouTube alias VEGETTA777, is a Let’s Player who favors adventure games, one on one fighters, and Minecraft. He is also the fourth most subscribed Gaming YouTube channel.

10.) Fine Brothers Entertainment

Subs – 14 million
Category – Entertainment

Fine Bros are the ones who tried to patent “reaction video” and faced heavy criticism regarding that. Due to this, they lost thousands of YouTubers within one day of the announcement. Even though, this channel is the king when it comes to the reaction videos starring famous YouTubers, celebrities, artists, etc.

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