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If you look back 10 years from now, almost every engineering or management student was thorough with western telly soaps like “How I Met Your Mother, FRIENDS, The Walking Dead, Mad Men and Breaking Bad.” Ask them about Indian television soaps and you will be judged on your watching habits and T.V series you like. It was and it is obvious that millions of young Indian millennials don’t have anything to watch on Indian television except watching mother-in-laws who loves overthinking and daughters-in-laws who are classified as typical Indian women from the 19th century.

With this age-old scripted clone shows of one another, who needs television right now? If these shows still generate viewership from adults between the age of 30 to 65, what are Indian millennials are watching now?

The rise of Netflix in India paved the way for various competitors trying to create content that is inclined towards young adults and millennials of India. Amazon Prime came up with some fresh web series like Inside Edge featuring established actors like Vivek Oberoi.

But the one platform that stood out of the competition luring young viewers in India was YouTube. This year, YouTube reported a massive surge in India with 180 million monthly active users on mobile devices alone where handsets account for 80% of total watch time.

Since 2011, YouTube has worked with regional studios to help them get a wider distribution. In 2014, content creators from Mumbai including TVF and AIB were making waves on YouTube and gaining traction. We can say that TVF is the pioneer of top Indian Web series on YouTube. A large portion of this content was a mix of Hindi and English, which proved to be popular in the metropolitan cities including Mumbai, New Delhi, and Bengaluru.

Thus, in order to check the effectivity of these Indian YouTube web series, Vidooly took the responsibility to check the total viewership of every YouTube web series ever uploaded on YouTube platform.

After documenting more than 130+ top Indian web series playlists on YouTube, here are the most watched Indian web series on YouTube aligned as per their viewership.

Channel TitleWeb series Title Viewership
BeingIndianMumbai On41,070,790
Shitty Ideas TrendingMen The Real Victims36,864,336
TheViralFeverVideosTVF's Permanent Roommates31,322,645
YFilmsSex Chat with Pappu & Papa30,310,109
VB On The WebTwisted28,082,221
YFilmsBang Baaja Baaraat25,112,907
YFilmsLadies Room24,832,571
VB On The WebMaaya22,193,313
East India ComedyEIC Vs Bollywood21,677,800
TheViralFeverVideosTVF Tripling19,297,772
Purani Dili TalkiesPDT Bewadey18,853,230
Dice MediaLittle Things18,556,856
The TimelinersThe Aam Aadmi Family18,275,268
Purani Dili TalkiesPDT GyANDUpanti18,102,590
YFilmsMan's World17,877,347

NOTE: You have to understand the difference between a sketch and a webseries in India. A web series is a series of scripted or non-scripted videos, generally in episodic form, released on the Internet. Most of the playlist we jotted down have “Webseries” in their title.

A sketch, on the other hand, is a short form of video without any continuation. For example, YouTube channels like Filter Copy, BB Ki Vines, and Ashish Chanchlani Vines are the pioneers of the short form of comedy sketches. Also, we avoided the content that was posted on TV first followed by their YouTube channel. Bindas YouTube channel possess. The ranking is based on overall viewership and not average views per episode.

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