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We all have heard how not all superheroes wear capes. Well, most of them don’t even feature outside their kids’ lives. This year on the eve of Mother’s Day, brands have come up with campaigns to compensate that by featuring them in brilliantly crafted ads.

Amidst the pandemic when consumers have mostly refrained from expenses on non-essentials, brands have come up with innovative campaigns this Mother’s Day to strengthen customer relationships and promote brand awareness. Relationship marketing has been more relevant now than ever.

Let’s have a look at some of the campaigns that have touched the hearts of viewers this year.

10 Mother’s Day Video Campaigns that will melt your Heart


WakeFit-Celebrating Moms during Lockdown- #MaaTeriLori

The brand has come up with a heart-warming video for this occasion, which is a part of its ongoing ‘Open Letter’ campaign conceptualized by Spring Marketing digital. The video portrays stories of millions who move from small towns to cities in search of their dreams but secretly crave the comfort of their mothers. The campaign expresses the longing of those who are stranded away from home in these difficult times and resort to their mother’s voices to get on with their lives. #MaaTeriLori campaign beautiful touches the emotions of people along with connecting them with the brand’s product line. 

Nykaa- A short film ‘Khoj’

This short film is the story of a daughter (portrayed by the well-known face from TVF Pitchers and Permanent Roommates, Akanksha Thakur) and her brother who are away from their family amidst the lockdown and loses contact with their mother. The frantic search to establish contact with the mother avails no results until the daughter stumbles upon the Nykaa app(marketing done right) to find a neighbor’s contact number. Watch the above video to find the unexpected twist in the story!

Parle-G – #YouAreMyParleG

This ad campaign is pure Nostalgia and has reached 18M views so far. It takes us all to our childhood where our mothers effortlessly and magically donned many roles from dawn to dusk. The best part of the campaign comes when a weary mother sells her gold accessories to buy a pair of shiny shoes for her inconsolable child and on the eve of Mother’s day, the kid writes of a line “I want to be like My Maa “. Well, we all wish the same, don’t we?

Reliance Fresh and SMART- #BharatMaaKeLiye

Supermarket brands from Reliance Retail, Reliance Fresh, and SMART came up with an emotionally engaging campaign for Mother’s day starring Bollywood star Ayushmann Khurrana. In this brilliant campaign, the brand has given a new definition of Mother’s day by beautifully showcasing how Mother India was bustling and brimming with chaos, and all of a sudden life has come to a standstill owing to the pandemic. The actor talks about how the responsibility lies upon the sons and daughters of Mother India to bring it back to life. It conveys a very simple yet strong message about being a responsible citizen for the country by following the lockdown protocols and maintaining social distance to restore normalcy in our country.

P & G India- #ThankYouMa

This brand has done its bit in paying homage to mothers all around the world who worry tirelessly and love unconditionally. In this campaign, people read messages that they received from their mothers during the lockdown. In the triviality of questions that the mothers have asked in the ad, the campaign underlines the warmth and love that keeps the children feel home no matter where they are right now. This ad is an ode to our mothers who take care of the smallest of things in the most profound of ways.

Colgate India- SinduTai, from being a homeless to a mother of the homeless #SmileKaroAurShuruHoJao

Colgate’s Smile Karo Aur Shuru Ho Jao campaign, crafted by WPP’s RedFuse, celebrates the spirit of humanity who stand in defiance to hurdles and their smile reflects their resilience and true spirit. This Mother’s Day, the brand celebrates one such mother, Sindhu Sapkal, who has been a mother to thousands of orphans. She was abandoned by her mother. Later, the abusive husband pushed her to the streets where she gave birth to her child in a cowshed. The same woman, who has been deprived of affection all her life by her near and dear ones, has brought a difference to many homeless children who have none to call their own. We salute all such mothers who have aspired to look beyond their limitations and strived to make the world a better place to live in!

SBI Life Insurance- A tribute to the mothers on the frontline- #MummyKahanHain

This ad has showcased the real-life mothers who have immensely contributed to the nation’s fight against the pandemic by being on the frontline. When it comes to mothers, they are always the ones to put others’ needs much beyond their own. And the same holds during the pandemic as well when all these women and thousands of others have stepped outside their children and family members to help the country get back on its feet. In an answer to “Mummy Kahan Hain”, the ad emphasizes how meticulously the mothers have extended their care and love to the country, which needs it more than ever.

LG India-#DilSeThankYou

The campaign appreciates all the brave mothers who are standing strong and patient with their children in the war against Coronavirus. The campaign salutes all those proud mothers in India who have provided their unwavering support to the country even on the hardest of days. In the video, the brand has also done amazing integration for its products which are essential in our households during the pandemic.

Philips Avent-#ToughTimesTougherMoms

When the going gets tough, the mothers get going


The campaign features stories of real-life mothers and applauds them for effortlessly managing both their personal and professional lives with equal attention.

 To the Power of Mothers & Music | Titan Watches

Titan watches have always been a great Mother’s day present for every son and daughter. But this year owing to a different situation, Titan shows how the power of music and mother can heal anything, relating it perfectly to the current pandemic. Leading musicians come together virtually to create a new version of the iconic tune. 

Give them a watch if you haven’t yet! These ads will surely make you hug your mothers immediately.

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