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The world has become even more compact with the presence of the World Wide Web connecting each nook and cranny around us. It’s already 2021 and technology continues to fascinate us in every possible manner. Someday it is a new tool to separate egg yolks from the albumin while other days it is skilfully compiled videos creating an impact on our thought processing.

The movie industry is the most talked of business in our society that has the potential to easily attract, capture and retain the public attention as well as interest. With the lockdown due to COVID-19 pandemic, people got leisure times more often than they also utilised in indulging in movies and shows. Amidst all these booming news about movies, there were content creators who leveraged the film market.

Movie review YouTube channels are the finest mediums connecting the real audience with their type of movies and series. These video making channels not just explore and inform about behind the scenes, stunts, facts about certain shots and actors but also expands on the storyline in a clever manner without revealing much about the plot thus, keeping the craze intact.

Here, in the article, we will know about those famous YouTubers who manage successful movie review YouTube channels that helped movie buffs.

6 best Movie review YouTube channels

  1. Screen Rant

If you are looking for movie theories and analysis updates regarding any movies specifically avengers, marvel, Disney Pixar, the Simpsons, nickelodeon etc. then this is the channel for you. With over 7.73M subscribers, Screen rant is definitely one of the best movie reviews YouTube channels on the platform. They work with top studios to create content and be the main source of information regarding movies, tv shows, news. They collaborate with studios like warner bros and Disney to carry out social media events and giveaways for their audiences too.

  1. Mr Sunday Events

Their about page says “Movies I guess?” and that explains all about the video content on the channel. Engaging graphics, well-explained movie theories, scene breakdowns to clear the idea behind screen constitute Mr Sunday Events, one of the most informative movie review YouTube channels online. There are supercuts, movie scenes in 8 bit, trailer breakdowns etc. that help the creators make the channel more interesting and useful for movie buffs.


  1. Beyond the trailer

The channel is hosted by Grace Randolph who provides her audience with the best of news regarding movies along with original audience reviews. There is a video on every Friday explaining every details and information related to the movie releasing that same weekend along with opinions of real people who have watched the movie already. It has two different video series named ‘Movie Math’ and ‘Movie Bytes’ that provide information on the Hollywood box office results and analysis of casting, trailer, scenes etc. respectively. This unique concept on reviews, movie news and trailer analysis combine to form one of the most amazing movie review YouTube channels.

  1. Screen Crush

Are you a superhero movie fan or does Star war excite you? Well, then here is the channel for you. Screen Crush is all about news, details, trailer information, easter eggs references, casting and story analysis YouTube channel that will help satiate the interested audience. It is one of the most simplified movie review YouTube channels that have the best possible knowledge about any movie.

  1. RalphTheMovieMaker

Ralph Sepe is a popular movie review and analyst creating content on YouTube for an audience of 633k on the platform. His videos are not just about information, news, movie updates etc. but consist of a confident voice mixed with humour and intensity. The YouTube channel is genuine in content, grabs the attention of viewers and consists of some of the well analysed, examined, cross-checked facts and opinions about movies, news series etc.

  1. Horrible Reviews

With over 138k subscribers, this verified channel is different from almost all of the others listed here. The dutch YouTuber Jeroen Bijl creates some really funny and engaging videos on everything horror. Most of the videos are based on mystifying forms of cinema, unclear or controversial films and less understood movie ideas. His series of videos under the tag of ‘the most controversial movies ever’ and ‘the most disturbing movies ever’ etc. make it one of the quirkiest movie review channels on YouTube.

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