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There used to be a time when a movie’s pre-release marketing used to involve:

  • Running the trailer of the movie as commercials on popular TV channels.
  • Releasing the songs and marketing them on Music channels.
  • Main actors appearing in other popular TV shows and visiting major cities to take part in events.
  • Advertising the posters of the movie on popular print media.

But internet changed everything. Production houses started focusing more on social media. They started to hold contests and the actors started sharing songs, scenes and other interesting tidbits about the movie from their personal social accounts. Social media started becoming a major source of marketing to amplify the noise about the movie before its release.

YouTube has been a core part of this strategy for production houses ever since. With better internet connectivity, more and more people tune into YouTube for entertainment in India now. (65% of video content is consumed on mobile networks in India!) Teaser posters, teasers, trailers and songs of the movie are watched more than ever on YouTube, before the launch of the movie.

Rajinikanth’s recent movie Kabali had clocked over 5 million views within a day of its launch on YouTube! Salman Khan’s recent blockbuster Sultan’s trailer now has more than 30 million views! These are staggering numbers aren’t they?

Keeping this in mind, we at Vidooly have decided to keep a close watch on the performance of trailers of Indian movies on YouTube. We’ll be publishing detailed analysis of the top 10 movie trailers at the beginning of every month. Here’s the first one:

– All stats are updated till 2nd August
– Teasers have not been included in the list.
– The list does not include trailers of any English movies.

Top Indian movie trailers on YouTube for the month of July

10. Guppy official trailer

At number 10 we have the trailer of the Malayalam movie Guppy. Launched on 16th July, the trailer has got over 350 thousand views so far!

Views: 363,338   Views per hour: 844   Shares: 1445   Average view duration: 1:30

 9. Selfie Raja Theatrical Trailer

The trailer of this Telugu entertainer was launched on 11th July and it has so far clocked over 350 thousand views.

Views: 378,563   Views per hour: 683   Shares: 758   Average view duration: 1:43

8. Srirastu Subhamastu Theatrical Trailer

Launched at the fag end of the month of July, the trailer of this Allu Sirish and Prakash Raj starrer has crossed over 400 thousand views so far.

Views: 436,996    Views per hour: 2207    Likes: 1956   Dislikes: 578

7. Pretham Official Trailer

The trailer of this upcoming Malayalam Horror comedy starring Jayasurya was launched on 9th July. It has crossed over 430 thousand views so far.

Views: 437,342   Views per hour: 727   Likes: 2310   Dislikes: 230

6. Oppam Official Trailer

The trailer of this much anticipated Malayalam Crime Thriller directed by Priyadarshan was launched on 22nd July. It has been shared over 4000 times and has clocked over 850 thousand views so far.

Views: 895,931   Views per hour: 3057   Shares: 4150   Average view duration: 1:14

5. 25 Kille Official Trailer

The trailer of this Punjabi movie about 4 Jatt brothers was launched on 21st July and has crossed over a million views so far.

Views: 1,083,701   Views per hour: 3451    Shares: 811   Average view duration: 2:47

4. Happy Bhag Jayegi Official Trailer

The Eros Now movie Happy Bhag Jayegi has Abhay Deol and Diana Penty in lead roles. Set to hit the theaters on 19th August, this trailer has raked in over 3.7 million views so far on YouTube.

Views: 3,843,875   Views per hour: 12,241   Likes: 21,045   Dislikes: 711

3. A Flying Jatt | Official Trailer

2016 seems to be the year of superhero movies in Hollywood. If you’re a hardcore Bollywood fan and are looking for some desi superhero dose, here comes A Flying Jatt – India’s youngest superhero. The trailer of the Tiger Shroff starrer has got over 7.7 million views so far since its launch on July 18. However, with over 15 thousand dislikes, the trailer has met with some negative reviews from the viewers.

Views: 7,864,750   Views per hour: 20,435   Likes: 35,904   Dislikes: 15,284

2. Akira | Official Trailer

At number two is the trailer of the much anticipated movie Akira by director A.R. Murugadoss (of Ghajini fame). Starring Sonakshi Sinha in an action avatar, the movie is set to release on 2nd September and has crossed over 11 million views so far.

Views: 11,214,660  Views per hour: 15,577  Shares: 24,927   Average view duration: 1:49

1. Rustom | Official Trailer

We initially thought of not including this trailer in the list since it was launched in June (June 30 to be exact). However; since most of its views have been clocked in the month of July, we decided that it should be featured in the countdown. With over 13 million views so far, the trailer of Akshay Kumar starrer Rustom is at the top of the list for the month of July.

Views: 13,168,671  Views per hour: 15,962  Shares: 42,243  Average view duration: 2:11

Interesting Highlights

  • Hindi movie industry no doubt has a lion’s share in the overall views, but regional cinema – especially the south Indian film industries – also get a lot of momentum through trailers on YouTube. They account for 22% of the total movie trailer views in India.

indian movie trailers

  • After Hindi, Malayalam movie trailers clocked the highest number of views for the month. Then it was Telugu, Punjabi, Tamil and Kannada respectively.
  • Rustom was the most engaging trailer for the month. (Engagement here is a metric of likes, shares, comments and watch time.)
  • Despite clocking a lot of views, the trailer of A flying Jatt was met with a lot of negative reviews from the viewers.


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