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Sarthak Sharma6 years ago

The emergent trend of social media in the Arab World has helped YouTube to grow its presence among the budding population of internet users. With the development of online networking, internet users in the Arab world have quickly embraced the new technology and utilize everything that social media brings to the table.

Here is a story about MO Vlogs a YouTube channel that involves a 22-year old boy named Mohamed Beiraghdary who is the MOST VIEWED independent creator in Dubai with almost 980 million overall views on his videos and overall at rank four across Dubai.

He records his daily life routine and publishes it on the video streaming website for viewers to have a look. Now, why would anyone be interested in watching the daily routine of someone they totally don’t know? Well, the YouTuber doesn’t have a normal routine that most of us expect. Instead, he owns a couple of great looking supercars that people want to look at, he visits new events that make the video interesting, and somehow Mohamed has managed to make a connect with his fans, which he calls as the Yo! Yo! Squad!. This is the reason he regularly gets more than 150,000 views on every video that he posts.

5 Reasons why MO Vlogs is the king of Vlogging in the Arab World

Well, there obviously has to be a reason behind such vast viewership and those huge subscriber counts. And in case of Mo Vlogs, there are more than a few reasons behind the channel’s success.

Great content

Well content is the backbone of any media related activity. No matter how interesting your subject is, if it isn’t presented properly, people won’t be happy to go through it. But Mo Vlogs does offer superb viewing content on YouTube. From great shots of the Dubai landscape to high revving supercars, everything is edited and presented impeccably.


The YouTuber is one hell of a consistent person. No matter how his personal life shapes up, Mohammed comes out with a fresh new Vlog daily. Yes! DAILY! Be it the festival of Eid or Sundays, there is a new video for his fans every day. Moreover, he tries and makes sure that every video has at least one part that the viewers feel excited about. Doing ths continuously over the past year is undoubtedly a commendable job.


If you haven’t watched Mo Vlogs yet, you probably won’t grasp this point. Let me try to put it this way, Mohamed has a small, beautiful family, including his artist sister Lana Rose, and their Mother. The fact that all three of them try and participate in the Vlogs make it look a lot more engaging than seeing just one man on the screen. From the brother-sister quarrels to the son-mother love, Mo Vlogs offers a wide range of emotions within the family.

Intelligent branding

This is a very big reason behind the channel’s success. Mohamed is a master of click-baiting. He deliberately and intelligently uses video titles and thumbnails that will make the users check out the video. Let me give you an example: He was recently looking out for a new car to replace the Ford Mustang, and repeatedly mentioned considering the Nissan GT-R and the Ferrari 458. A couple of days later, he rented out a yellow Ferrari 458, Spider, parked it in his garage where ideally his Mustang is parked and used the title ‘I Got a Ferrari!!’. Obviously, this would make people think that he finally went for a Ferrari as his next car, however, he did mention in the video about the car being rented.


It just can’t be denied that a major chunk of Mo Vlogs’ viewership comes from automotive enthusiasts who are there to witness some amazing set of cars. If his own enticing duo of the Mustang and the Huracan aren’t enough, Mo often visits various car events that feature beauties like the Bugatti Veyron, Pagani Zonda, a one of one Nissan GT-R, and many, many other cars that are worth every minute you spend on watching these videos.

For those of you who have not watched MO Vlogs, here are the top 3 most viewed videos:

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