ListsHow to add Multiple locations to Facebook Business Page?

Brands have evolved their marketing skills besides improving their social media marketing and digital exposure over time. These days, people are mostly online and markets have gone digital therefore it is important for businesses to upgrade their systematic proceedings to obtain maximum benefit.

There are several companies & popular brands that have more than one location to serve or spot consumers. Managing social media with multiple locations can be a very difficult task for these specific businesses hence, Facebook Business has introduced a feature that helps marketers add Multiple Locations to Facebook for better search results and more easy sale purchase environment.

add multiple locations to facebook

Facebook designed the addition of maps that will be added to the main Facebook page along with the “Location” tab which will ease the methods of finding the relevant store address.

Here we will learn about steps to add Multiple locations to Facebook page for more feasible, convenient and improved business for brands with differently located stores.

Significance of adding Multiple Locations to Facebook business page

Multiple locations on Facebook page points at several locations where the business is present and functional. This feature on the leading social media platform helps users in many ways like tracking searches, better optimization options etc.

multiple locations to facebook

Multiple locations to Facebook feature hold great significance for the marketers of brands with many Facebook pages representing separately located stores.

  1. It profiles business on the basis of their location which makes locating the appropriate one more easily.
  2. Helps generate location-specific content for the audience. Advertising in tune with local systems makes the brand appear impressive and trustworthy over generic content for all sites.
  3. Advertise each location from different pages effectively.
  4. Better SEO for location-based offers and markets.
  5. Local Facebook pages contain information with reviews, recommendation that is very useful for the buyers specific to that region

How to add multiple locations to Facebook business pages?

  1. Multiple locations to Facebook feature can only be accessed by page Admins or editors, therefore, make sure to check the Page Roles and get approved as one of these two roles only. Actually, most of such important changes can be done only if you are an admin or editor of the page.
  2. In case you are adding locations for the first time or are uploading business for the first time on the page, you will receive a warning note to delete existing addresses. It is applicable to business with more than one locations to mark online.
  3. The businesses will have a parent page and the sub-pages that will be interconnected. For each new location added a new Facebook sub-page is created that will inherit any post made at the parent page unless settings are managed manually.
  4. Go to Page settings and remove/delete entered addresses that have been saved earlier                                                                           multiple locations to facebook
  5. When at Facebook business manager page go to “Assets” and select “Business Locations”.
  6. Click on “Get Started” option available below
  7. Now add the addresses manually by entering zip codes, local number, fax, exact address etc. to get pinpointed Multiple locations to Facebook and map.
  8. If you have more than 10 locations to add then one can easily use CSV template files on Facebook to do so without much waste of time and energy.
  9. After creating separate multiple locations to Facebook pages, you can migrate within them by clicking on the map at the home page.

multiple locations to facebook

Apart from several benefits marketers must also know that adding multiple locations to Facebook can lead to loss of current Facebook reviews on the main page. There can be many risks associated but if you find confidence in adding these locations to localize the content and marketing then do try the feature.

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