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Rahul Batra RB2 years ago

With the advancement of technology, YouTube has become the source of listening music for millions of people in the emerging markets like Indonesia. Here’s the list of top 10 most-watched Musik channels di Indonesia.

1. Musica Studios:

Founded in 1968, the Musica Studio’s sits atop of our list of Most Watched Music YouTube channels in Indonesia. Musica studios is one of the oldest and largest music studio’s in Indonesia with over 1.2 million subscribers on YouTube having close to 1 billion views.

Known as Metropolitan Studio’s in 1960’s, the Musica Studio’s manages the Record Label, and publishing rights of some of the most popular bands and artists of Indonesia like Noah, Nidji, D’Masiv, Geisha, Sheryl Sheinafia, De.Neno, Friday, and GoGoJiLL.

Musica Studio's
Source: Vidooly

Lumpuhkan Ingatanku by Geisha, one of the most watched Indonesian songs, has so far hit more than 71 million views on the channel.

2. Trinity Optima Production:

Having close to 1 million subscribers and about 940,620,751 views on the channels, Trinity Optima Production is a YouTube channel of Indonesia, which has produced hits like Untik Apa, and Jomblo Happy.

Founded in 2003, the Trinity Optima Production manages the record labels of starlets, songwriter and singer Maudy Ayunda, popular Indonesian band Gamma1, young Indonesian star Lesti Andryani and many other musik artis di INDONESIA.

3. NAGASWARA Official Video | Indonesian Music Channel:

NAGASWARA Official entertains around 937,979 subscribers on its channel with a tagline of ‘No Music No Life’.

NAGASWARA Official has about 925,918,802 views on its channel and has produced some of the greatest hits of Indonesia in the recent times with songs like Ninja Opo Vespa from Nella Kharisma, which has taken the Indonesian audience by storm.

4. Aquarius Musikindo:

Aquarius Musikindo, a Jakarta based record label company and YouTube Channel which joined YouTube in 2011. The channel has so far 635,643,932 views on its platform with over .5 million subscribers.

Aquarius Musikindo
Source: Vidooly

Aquarius Musikindo produces the videos of Agnez Mo,  Indonesian rock band J-Rocks, Utopia, etc.  Agnez Mo’s Sebuah Rasa is the most watched video on the channel with over 12 Million views.

5. Sony Music Entertainment Indonesia

American giant Sony Music Entertainment’s subsidiary, Sony Music Entertainment Indonesia is a YouTube channel with almost 4 lakh subscribers with 517,406,288 overall views. The channel is known for promoting upcoming talent in Indonesia.

6. Emotion Entertainment:

Emotion entertainment is the name behind producing chartbusters like Kekasih Terhebat, Cinta Terbaik, Hargai Aku, and Berhenti Di Kamu. The channel is followed by over 3.10 lakh subscribers and has 494,354,217 views on its platform.

Known for delivering innovative ideas, Emotion Entertainment has collaborated with Erdian Aji Prihartanto (better known as Anji), Cassandra band, and pop rock band Drive to produce smashing hits.

7. Hits Record:

With over 6 lakh subscribers and having 357,384,725 views on its channel, Hits Record is on number 7 on our list of top 10 Most Watched Music YouTube Channels in Indonesia.

Hits Records have successfully collaborated with Citra Scholastika (Everybody Knew, Could Can, Galau Galau Galau 3G, Berlian), Petra Sihombing (This Love, Choose Only Me & MINE), Latinka (I Can Die ), Giselle (Thief Heart), and many more.

8. Samudra Records:

The Banyuwangi based YouTube channel and record label have over 6 Lakh subscribers and over 481,000,880 views on its platform. The channel which went live in April 2014 has come a long way to stand at number 8 on our list.

The same label released Konco Mesra by Nella Kharisma in Dec 2016 which has crossed over 61 million views and is one of the top music videos of the Indonesian music Industry.

9. Pro-M

The channel is administered by PT Professional Music, a Jakarta based record label company. Pro-M has over 3.44 lakh subscribers with 366,891,407 views on its platform.

Pro-M is home for artists like Sammy S, Repvblik, ZigaZ, Mike Mohede, Dygta, Gio Idol, Felicya Angellista, Gisela and many more.

10. IsyanaVEVO:

IsyanaVEVO is the official Youtube Channel of Isyana Sarasvati, an Indonesian singer, and songwriter. Isyana, who was introduced to music at an age of 4, has mastered a number of instruments like piano, violin, flute, and saxophone.


The channel has more than 3 lakh subscribers with 154,637,336 views. In 2017, Isyana released her duet ‘Anganku Anganmu’ with Raisa Andriana for which she received the Best Composer of the Year at the 2017 Mnet Asian Music Awards. The video has been played 17 million times on YouTube so far.


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