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Stories of ancient people along with popular myths associated with their cultural as well as religious beliefs constitute a genre called mythology. It is a study that cannot be defined in any particular manner rather it can be considered as a compilation of past folklore, myths and other unspoken topics.

There are several studies and researches done in the past and many more that are continued till date to excavate realities & facts connected to life on earth. Mythology tries to answer various basic questions and settle the common inquisitiveness. With developing network facilities and growing digital space, videos have become a major media type resource for information and knowledge of all kinds.

Mythology YouTube channels are one of the widely used news & data source that imparts best ideas, authentic news and researched material regarding various relevant topics. These channels are equipped with interesting graphics, visuals, voice-overs and engaging presentation styles that can easily attract anyone.

The study is not just limited to experts or passionate mythology learners but anyone who would want an answer to “why we exist?”, “How does the ant communicate?”, “What is the reality behind old scriptures & epics?” etc. here we have listed few of these amazing and mind-blowing fact-based mythology YouTube channels.

Best Mythology YouTube channels

  1. See You in History/ Mythology

There are several mythology YouTube channels that are purely dedicated to the folktales of one particular religious & cultural evolution. This channel is all about Greek mythology and history of one of the most popular civilizations on earth. The cultural developments, deities and religious faiths of the ancient Greek has always fascinated archaeologists, philhellene and other researchers therefore the videos on the channel are some of the most viewed content. It has over 649k subscribers besides the verified tick on the page.

  1. DevduttMyth

The writer of several bestsellers, a passionate learner and mythology enthusiast Devdutt Pattanaik, is known for his great skills of storytelling, writing and influencing modern-day minds with glory from our past history. The channel has over 61.9K subscribers and is popular amongst people from different walks of life. He is a mythology specialist who loves to express his opinions through writing about the relevance of mythology in present-day scenarios, particularly in fields of business, leadership, and governance. Do watch his beautiful content for more insights & knowledge on the subjects.

  1. Vishwa Gyan

With over 9.96k subscribers this is one of the most fascinating mythology YouTube channels that have content related to ancient times in Indian culture. They have videos that highlight concepts from the Vedas, Puranas, Upanishads, mysterious tales of great rulers and gods in the olden times. It brings together unheard and unspoken stories from different parts of the world that can be learnt and put in use today. The tales here are rich in culture, religion, facts, wisdom, dharma rules, spirituality & divineness. The channel is presented in Hindi language only.

  1. Overly Sarcastic Productions

It is one of the most weirdly creative mythologies YouTube channels that has video content about mythological stories, history and literature presented amidst sarcastic commentaries. It provides information in an entertaining manner and is known for the distinct style of content creation. They are meant for learners and students who want to acquire knowledge about ancient folktales from around the world. The channel mostly covers topics involving murders, assault and violence in the ancient era and has over 1.36M subscribers.

  1. Mythical Factory

If you are in search of information related to popular characters, gods, mystic creatures and phenomenon then Mythical Factory is just the right channel for it. With over 10.6k subscribers it is dedicated to compiling stories of the past and solving mysterious history through engaging videos on the platform. Passionate learners can watch them get an idea about relevant topics and understand various perspectives about the same.

  1. Mythology and fiction explained

Science fiction, fantasy topics, and relevant mythological theories are a matter of focus on this channel. It is one of the most loved mythological YouTube channels that clearly explains various historical stories and brings the spotlight on its mythological significance. The videos bring tales and folklore from Greek, Egyptian, Norse and other civilization that are much prominent in the world of mythology and literature.

  1. The Exploring Series

If you have developed an interest in this genre and want to know more about it then this is the right channel for you. Right from Norse mythology to Celtic and Egyptian, they have information about it all. For anyone dipping their toe into this new world of stories, fantasies and myth folklore can start here. The video content is easy to understand and learn from as it has a great presentation format along with amazing visuals and graphics. This is one great mythology YouTube channels that must be explored in 2020.

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