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Vidooly5 years ago

For the past year or so, Google has stepped up its design game. After progressing from a regular video platform to a live streaming service that includes a social network, YouTube is now offering a new User Interface for its users.

Recently Google changed the look of Gmail by adopting a sleek “material design,” and now Google is ready to change YouTube for good.

Yesterday, YouTube introduced a new look that will give you a whole new feel with two color themes. This new YouTube design follows following three simple principals of material design.

  • Simplicity – With a neat look, that removes the front page advertisement banner
  • Consistency – The new design is aligned across Google platforms, including the YouTube mobile app.
  • Beauty – Users will get two color options to change.

Last year, YouTube launched a new look only for a small base of software developers to clear some bugs and operational glitches. So, functionally, the new YouTube redesign works exactly like regular, but this clean look is way different than what they projected a year ago.

You can try the new design early right here:

Here are few important changes that you can see –

Video playback –

Here is the current and new version of YouTube’s redesign looks like –

Video playback new look
Video playback new look

Recommended Page –

Here is the screenshot of current and new YouTube design for the front home page.

Few important settings to note –

If you want to change the color of your YouTube home page, then

CLICK –> your channel icon –> go to “DARK THEME” below Sign Out button.[check the image below] Also, if you click languages, you can change your language options with wide range of options to choose.

Get Dark Theme
Get Dark Theme


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