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News consumption today is not the same as it was in the olden days. There was a time when people had to wait for their morning newspapers or sit down at an appointed time for the evening news on Television. Things have changed drastically in the last few years. Internet has changed the game completely. News corporations have shifted their focus towards the internet as more and more people spend most of their daily lives online. News industry has been following the internet revolution closely and the latest change is the way they have started focusing more on video now.

Political Polarization of YouTube channels –

News channels like Fox news, CNN, MSNBC, BBC and others are often blamed for their partiality towards specific socio-political ideologies. It has become so bad that viewers now choose to watch a specific news channel based on its support for a political party. Although, there is no overt political support shown by these international news agencies except the conservative screaming that proves it all.
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Due to this biased, sensationalist reporting that tends to distort the truth; several journalists came forward to start their own networks for news broadcasting. These YouTube channels often labeled as “Right wing nationalists” and “Left wing liberals”; played a crucial role in the recently concluded presidential elections. Donald J. Trump appeared on The Alex Jones channel whereas Bernie Sanders was supported by The Young Turks.

After the 2016 U.S presidential election, almost all mainstream news broadcasters have successful YouTube channels!

Following are the 10 best news channels on YouTube at present

YouTube Channels ViewsSubscribers
ABC News2,243,793,2152,183,912
Al Jazeera English721,499,7851,059,437
CBS News315,442,403291,571
Fox news290,103,113418,028
BBC News257,220,809975,833
PBS NewsHour175,065,588309,937
Bloomberg Politics13,447,54827,786

YouTube is a place where people can choose the news ‘agenda’ themselves and watch the videos at their own convenience. And that’s why for the news industry, the growth of YouTube and other video sharing sites represent a significant opportunity and also a challenge.

YouTube allows these news channels to be the agenda builders. Content creators and news publications are using the platform to grow their audience, find citizen-created videos (User Generated Videos), build their brand and make it lucrative by generating ad revenue.

Rise of SJW’s

Social Justice Warriors is a derogatory terms used for millennials shouting you down for having an opinion that does not reciprocate their viewpoints/ideologies. Not that there’s anything wrong with having your own ideology; but when manspreading becomes an issue between few feminist frets; political correctness itself becomes anti-authoritarian ideology.

And their (SJW) heavy inclination towards current events creates an engagement tool for YouTube channels who broadcast daily news. People like Anna Kasparian, Jaime Oliver and others help millennials to understand and have a viewpoint on the current events.

Brand TYT

Headed by Cenk Uygur; this political and social news coverage YouTube channel roughly clock around 73 million views every month! They cover almost every political scandal like Trump’s presidential campaign to Black Lives Matter riots with a neutral approach. The Young Turks is YouTube’s most subscribed news and current affairs reporting channel with more than 3 million subscribers. In terms of its viewership, it generates more views than any other mainstream news broadcasting channel on YouTube.

Under its network umbrella, TYT manages 28 YouTube channels spanning various verticals like sports, events, celebrity gossip, technology, film, college life, daily radio talk show etc. TYT is the driving force for many news journalists and radio hosts (including conservatives like The Alex Jones Channel), to start their own YouTube channel with complete journalistic freedom.

About 66.57% of YouTube audience watches news and politics channels on their smartphones.

Top Indian news channels on YouTube

In India, till 1991 there was only one television channel – Doordarshan, the public service broadcaster. Fast forward to 2012 – there are more than 400 news and current affairs channels in the country now!  Among these, only a few were able to create a fan base by using their own content from television. Unlike BBC or TYT, no Indian news broadcasting channel creates content exclusively for its YouTube audience.

Here is the list of the most viewed news channels on YouTube in India:

YouTube ChannelsViews Subscribers
Aaj Tak585,764,2921,351,528
ABP News:579,345,915895,167
V6 News Telugu378,408,589424,754
Zee News278,450,544568,588
TV9 Telugu223,383,857305,698
TIMES NOW177,457,689358,687

Even, the Indian government is taking YouTube seriously now. This year, Raw Niwas Goel said the government will use YouTube to telecast live proceedings of the parliament House.

An average News & Politics YouTube Channel from India added 32,497 subscribers in the last month.

Bottom line –

The reason for this sudden growth in YouTube India’s news and politics genre can be credited to viewers who fall under the age brackets of 18 and 34. (About 58.40 % of this audience comprises of the male demography)

News publications have started to realize that if you want to talk to a young audience, you have to be where they are. And YouTube is that place. It is where you can inspire them to register to vote, clarify confusion and help them see the two sides of the same coin.


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