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Akshay Chandra4 years ago

Suppose, if you have the ability to get an unfair advantage over your competitors legally, would you grab the opportunity?

If yes, then Custom Affinity Audience is your go-to feature in Google AdWords tool.

As we all know, remarketing is one the most important feature in Google AdWords that helps us reconnect our website visitors or YouTube channel subscribers/viewers easily. But, targeting on their daily search, shopping behavior and competitor tracking were not possible earlier on YouTube.

Keeping this in mind, Google just launched a new feature called Custom Affinity Audience in AdWords that will help advertisers remarket their website visitors and YouTube channel in a different way.

Suppose if you have a beauty product with your own retail website, then you can reach every customer who visited your website, as well as every one of your competitor’s websites of this week and even targets people who visited specific pages.

Custom Affinity Audience is what you create yourself and AdWords by telling Google to build for your website or YouTube channel a tailored audience of potential prospects based on their most recent website visits. Google then uses these website URLs or YouTube channel ID’s to find people who browse for similar content across all the web in your area whether or not they visited your competitor’s website.

If you are excited enough by now, then here is the procedure of creating a custom affinity audience on your Google AdWords account.

Log into your Google AdWords account, CLICK –> Create Campaign

Select the campaign type. You can choose “Display Network, and TrueView video campaigns


Step 1


Step 2

ADD Campaign name

Complete the process of bidding, and adding your daily budget.

Create your ad group and name it.

In the “People: who you want to reach” section,

CLICK –> Audiences [Audience targeting lets you target ads to people based on their interests or the sites they visit]

step 3

CLICK –> + Custom Affinity Audience

step 4

Upon clicking the “+” button, you will get a pop up called ‘New custom affinity audience”

In here, enter your audience name and description.

ADD your competitor’s URL. (At least 5 URL)

step 5

After filling the URL’s, you will get an “Estimated size of custom affinity audience” on the left side of the same pop-up.

there, you can check the demographics and top website TOPICS.


You will be directed back to the “audience” section, where you can mark and select your “custom affinity audiences list” and CLICK –> DONE after you are satisfied with your targeting reach.

step 6

By now, you have completed the process of creating the list for your “custom affinity audience”

Complete the automated targeting, bidding process, and CLICK –> CREATE CAMPAIGN for confirmation and click save and continue.

TrueView video campaigns

In this process, you can reach viewers with video ads on YouTube and across the web. This includes all the standard settings for video campaigns.

step 7

NOTE: If you are using Shopping (option), then you need to link a Merchant Center account that includes product data to your AdWords account.  

CLICK –>CONTINUE and move to the next page.

In here, you can find Custom Affinity tools under audience section. [As shown in the figure below]

step 8

CLICK –> Affinity, to fill in the details.

When to use Custom Affinity Audience

  • Branding
  • More controlled targeting on Google Display Network (GDN)
  • Advertise tailored real-time content to specific users
  • Increase market reach while driving incremental conversions

Here is what Google says about this new feature in their recent blog post

“An outdoor outfitter could use Custom Affinity audiences to potentially reach people who have searched for skis, spent time at ski resorts, or have downloaded a ski resort’s trail guide app”


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