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Shruti Sen5 years ago

Instagram is a constantly evolving platform and keeps in mind the best interests of it’s users be it just individuals or brands. After the recent update which allowed users to add accounts and hashtags in their Instagram bios, another exciting update has arrived for the lovers of Instagram Stories this time.

Every new smartphone these days has the enticing picture feature of Portrait Mode. So Instagram has taken cue from this trend and have now added that as a feature called “Focus”. You can find this feature on the bottom tray of Instagram Stories next to the Superzoom feature. Once you select this feature, it detects a face and keeps the focus on them while the background softly blurs. All you need to do now is tap on it and the shot will be ready. This feature works for both photos and videos. Post shooting you can ofcourse use the other features of filter, stickers, gifs etc on it to make you Story even more appealing.

Additionally, there’s also a new addition to the Instagram Stories stickers tray. There is now a new way to mention other accounts by using a Mention Sticker. It is a much cleaner way to feature another account as the sticker itself adopts the rainbow text in it instead of the generic type form that existed so far.

Instagram has stated that the Focus feature is available on the iPhone 6S and up and select Android devices.

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