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Aravinda Holla4 years ago

About a month ago when we held a day-long hackathon at Vidooly, we launched a new free feature that tracks down trending video ads on YouTube in India. I personally found this feature to be very helpful and entertaining at the same time. I’ve always loved creative advertising and this provided me an easy way to keep a track of the online video ads in India. Today, when I opened the page, I could see 3 different ads in the list – all from Ola. A move to cash in on Delhi’s odd-even scheme?

Micro stories

The series of ads is targeted at promoting the low-cost Ola Micro which can be booked at Rs 6 per km. Aptly titled ‘Micro Stories’, three ads have been released in the campaign so far.


Taking your kid home

This one has the storyline of a dad who has to shell out a bomb while taking his kid home:

ola ads on youtubeHanging out with your buddies

The third ad has a gang of boys hanging out, eating streetside food. There’s always that one guy in a gang who never opens his wallet, but eats and drinks everything; right?

ola ads on youtube

The odd-even effect?

The ads are being shown a lot to viewers from the Delhi-NCR region. Usually, whenever a brand comes up with storytelling ads, there is a common storyline or theme in all the ads. And, they are released one after the other so that they don’t eat into each other’s viewership. But all the three ads in the Micro-moments campaign have been launched on the same date. A casual oversight or a clever maneuver?


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