The online gaming industry has undergone a total transformation in recent years. Gone are low technology games, inferior quality consoles, and disconnected users. The industry today is at the vanguard of technology, and it appears infallible.

We’ve quite recently taken an interest in the ever-growing industry of e-sports and online gaming on platforms like Twitch and are in process to launch the dashboard to analyze the analytics of online gaming streamers on Twitch.

As we all know, Twitch includes various types of different gameplay videos and streams from the biggest e-sports tournaments and gaming events. At the same time, it functions as a platform that allows gamers to set up their own gameplay streams.

Gamers like Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, was a young gamer in an emerging industry – competitive video gaming, also known as e-sports.

A few years ago, Mr. Blevins began hosting gaming events as a hobby from his dorm room never suspecting that in future (now) he would rack up sponsors from becoming a Bud Light all-star to breaking twitch records pulling in as much as a million dollars a month off his twitch subscribers and becoming world’s first gamer celebrity.

Source: CNBC
Source: CNBC

This is what being successful on Twitch feels like. And this is why, by February 2014, it was one the most frequently visited websites in the United States.

Knowing this rise in online gaming scene on Twitch, we at VIDOOLY wanted to highlight the critical aspects of online gaming platform. This report is for all the novice and expert gamers on Twitch who are working day and night to deliver seamless content for their game play viewers.

This comprehensive report on the ONLINE GAME STREAMING REPORT ON TWITCH has deep dive insights on the following vital metrics,

  • Twitch Overall Metrics
  • Twitch Growth & Comparison with other Platforms
  • Top Languages
  • Top Streamers/Channels
  • Top Games

This report marks our step towards gaming analytics on a platform like the twitch. Stay tuned and subscribe our blog to receive more reports and updates related to online gaming streamers on Twitch.

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