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Here is how you are going to use YouTube's CREATOR STUDIO without even consulting an expert. Click here to check step by step procedure.
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YouTube’s creator app is provided to you when you register your account on youtube. The creator studio app is specifically designed for youtube creators to manage their channels. Here you can check the basic analytics of your YouTube channel, optimize your videos, find creator common audio samples and much more.

If you want to create your homepage first, then you can visit the first part of this blog called “Optimize your YouTube channel – Homepage Setup”. There, you can find simple navigable steps to optimize your YouTube homepage.

This blog will guide you to add features like features video, add and create playlists, brand watermark, add annotations, and steps to choose your metadata keywords with other high priority features that you miss while optimizing your videos and channel. If you  need any definition or function of a particular mentioned feature, then check our blog “YouTube Glossary: Terminology That Every Video Creator Should Be Aware Of”. Everything in this blog is a functional feature in CREATOR STUDIO.

Let’s get started,

CREATOR STUDIO – sign in your YouTube account.

→ Hover your mouse on your profile picture and click


Featured Video:

Featured Video:

This enables you to showcase your video in between your video playback.

  • → Click your profile icon displayed on top right
  • → click CREATOR STUDIO
  • → Click CHANNEL
  • → Click Featured Video
  • → Click “Featured content” in Featured video or playlist section
  • → you will get a pop-up “Select a video or playlist to feature”
  • → You will have two options called most recent upload and choose a video or playlist.

NOTE: You can also enter your URL link in the box provided once you click “Choose a video or playlist”

  • → Choose your DISPLAY TIME
  • → Choose your START TIME ( when you want your video to pop up)

NOTE: Optimize timing – if selected, youtube will choose the best time to show your promotion

  • → Enter your CUSTOM MESSAGE
  • → Click UPDATE

To cross check –

  • → Click Video manager
  • → Select the video – Go to the time you added
  • → There you can see your featured video banner on your video.



Viewers like to watch more videos of the same theme.

  • → Click on “New Playlist” (Top Right corner)
  • → Add playlist title
  • → Click “Create”
  • → Click “Add videos”

It is always a good idea to write a two-liner description for your playlists.

  • →  Go to playlist section.
  • →  Click on a particular playlist for which you have to write the description.
  • → Click on add a description link.
  • →  A text area gets open, Write your description here and click outside the text area. This way your description get saved.

Branding Watermark: Branding Watermark:

This feature will brand your channels video with a logo.

Steps to set Branding Watermark of the channel:

  • →  Go to Creator Studio.
  • →  Go to Channel.
  • →  Click on “Featured content” written under Channel section.
  • →  Click Add a watermark button.
  • →   Click on Browse button.
  • →   Select any image which you want to make Branding watermark of the channel.
  • →   Click on save button.
  • →  You can set Display time, same as Featured content.

Annotations & Cards:

These are the clickable tools that can be added to you YouTube channels video in order to encourage your viewers to take an action.



  • → Click on CREATOR STUDIO
  • → Choose your video you want to add your annotations

Types of Annotations:

i) Note

This is the formal annotation where you can add links of your references.

ii) Speech Bubble

This annotation is a great way to add in your vlogs and informative videos and add a link to your reference.

READ MORE: Optimize your YouTube channel – Homepage Setup

iii) Title

You can add text in a box within your video.

iv) Spotlight

This feature will display your choice of videos in a picture as a call to action on your video. It’s better to add spotlight annotations at the end of your video.

v) Label

Similar to Spotlight, this feature provides a text box where you can add your custom message and provide a link to it.

Procedure –

  • → Click Note or Title or Spotlight or Label
  • → Choose your type of annotation → Write your customized note
  • → Choose the size your card
  • → Add your font settings
  • → Choose your timing
  • → Click Link (optional)
  • → Click Apply changes

Cards:  f Annotations:

  • → Click on cards (Besides Annotation)
  • → Click ADD CARD

You will get three options to choose

Video or Playlist – Promote a video or playlist

  • → Click Video or Playlist
  • → Choose your uploads or playlists. ( also, you can add link in the empty bar)
  • → Click “create a card”

Channel – Promote another channel

  • → Click Channel


  • → Click “Create a card”

Link – Link to an approved website

  • → Read and accept the terms and conditions
  • → Enter a link according to your requirements


Different types of cards

Donation Cards: Using these cards, YouTube channels can raise funds for non-profit charitable organizations on their videos.

Merchandise Card:

They promote a creators’ licensed merchandise from the video.

Fundraising Card

These are cards which work for fundraising of projects.

Video or Playlist Card

It links to different playlists or public video. If you are explaining Quantum theory in your video, you can use this opportunity to link a public video explaining additional concepts which you want your users to know about.

Channel Cards

You can link other YouTube channels to your video using this type of cards. If you’re doing collaboration, then this card is the best option to let your viewers check out the other YouTube channel with ease.

Associated Website Cards

To use this card, you need to add an associated website to your channel. Here, you can link a website to YouTube videos.

Crowd Funding Cards

Help your kick-starter campaign to generate more funds. Using this card, you can give a link of your crowd funding campaigns you started.

Fan Funding

If you need to raise money for your little start-up or a company, then you can use this card and generate funds for your YouTube channel.

Video Description:  Video Description:

  • → Click on CREATOR STUDIO
  • → Click Videos
  • → Choose the video → Click Edit
  • → Click “Info And Settings”
  • → Add title
  • → Add Description
  • → Add keywords
  • → Click “Save changes”


Improve your Video title:

The title of your video describes your content. Make sure that your video title has the same text as your thumbnail as it generates more clicks.

Describe your Video:

As only the first few lines or 160 characters will appear in search results and above the fold on a watch page, you need to place your top keywords right at that place. You can also add links on your blog, websites and your other videos or channels you own.

Tag You Video:

Choose right tags and relevant keywords to make your video search engine friendly. Some suggested tags will include brand name, product offering or be a compilation. Make sure to use quotations (“xxx”), and avoid using commas.

Avoid generic tags or tags that are not relevant to your video as google’s algorithm detects the relation of your tags with your content. You can always change it manually when the video is uploaded.

If you follow these steps, you can have a professional YouTube channel with optimized content. But, if you need even detailed insights of analytics, then you can use free tools like Vidooly. Here you can have in-depth analytics that YouTube does not provide that includes keyword suggestion, competitor analysis, community engagement and many more.

Happy optimization!

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