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Here is how you are going to improve your channel's homepage without even consulting an expert. Click here to check step by step procedure.
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2015 showed incredible growth for YouTube. in its second quarter, YouTube showed 60% increase in terms of clicks and estimated $17 billion video ad revenue for 2017 in united states alone. In a survey, 32% of teens say they idolize YouTube celebrities like Pewdiepie, Smosh brothers, Jenna Marbles, tyler Oakley.

Hence, the question arises – are you a YouTuber? & What steps have you implied to improve your YouTube channel?

Optimizing your YouTube channel can be little tricky as you need to improve your thumbnails, optimize your cover art and create content that matters. So, here is how you are going to improve your channel’s performance without even consulting an expert.

Before we move ahead, if you want to know some important terms and their meanings, then do have a glance at our blog “YouTube Glossary: Terminology That Every Video Creator Should Be Aware Of

Let’s begin,

About Section + Add links:

About Section + Add links:

Channel description tells what your YouTube channel is all about.

→ Click on top right edit option in your channel art
→ Click on EDIT LINKS
→ Click on “Channel Description” in order to add description about your channel
→ Click on DETAILS to add  email address to “business inquiries”
→ Choose the number of links you want to showcase on your right side of your channel art
→ Click ADD
→ Enter your “Link Title” and URL
→ Click on DONE


Avatar: Chanel logo will describe your channel with a single image. 

→ Click on your profile photo
→ Click change
→ Hover your mouse over your Profile photo → Click
→ Choose your image

TIP – 

  • Use square image
  • The main element should also fit inside a circle as your logo appears square as well as a circle at certain places.
  • Your logo is your identity across all platforms
  • YouTube avatar is also your Google+ page or profile image.

Banner (Channel Art):

Banner (Channel Art):

→ Click on the top of the screen, click ADD CHANNEL ART
→ Upload the image
→ You will get a preview of your channel art and how it will appear on other devices
→ To make changes, click adjust and crop
→ Click select

TIP – 

  • Channel art may look different on the desktop, mobile, and TV displays.So always consider  safe area i.e (1546*423px) in which text and logos are guaranteed not to be cut off.
  • If your fix your uploading schedule, it should be mentioned on the channel Artwork.

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Channel Display:

Disabling the browser view will display all your channel feed to all users. Channel view should be Browse.

→ Hover over your channel name, an arrow appears at the right corner of the page.
→ Click on the arrow and then click on the “Edit channel navigation”. Now you can get to the channel navigation screen.
→ Enable customize the layout of your channel
→ Remove your selection from “Post to my activity feed when I…” except add video to public playlist
→ click Save

NOTE: you must add videos to the channel. You won’t be displayed to other viewers until it contains some content.

Channel Sections: Channel Sections:

Check whether channel sections are utilized or not. After enabling Browse view, you can add sections to your channel, Home Page.

To add sections to your youtube channel,

→ Click on ADD a Selection (Below your videos)
→ Click on Content
→ Select the content you would like to show when a viewer visits your page.

Ex: Videos ( popular videos, live now etc), Playlists (created playlists, single playlists etc), Channels ( subscriptions, custom grouping) and Others (Recent activities, posts).

→ Choose your layout ( horizontal, vertical view) 

You can design segment by segment to give your YouTube channel page a Homepage look
On top right

→ Click the pencil option
→ Choose “Subscriber view” in order to check how your channel will look to your viewers.

Featured Channel: Featured Channel:

If you have other youtube channels you want your audience to know about and is on the same network, then you can add those in your featured channels.

→ Go to channel Home Page
→ Click on +Add channels button located below “Featured Channels” text at the right of the    Home Page
→ Enter channel username or URL in the text box and click on add button.
→ After adding all channels, finally add on “Done” button



Thumbnails play a very important role in channel optimization. This is a quick snapshot of your video.

→ Go to your channel Video Manager
→ Locate a video and click the Edit button.
→ Click the custom thumbnail button and upload a thumbnail.
→ Once the thumbnail is uploaded, don’t forget to click the “Save Changes” button.


  • Picture specs are 1280×720 (16:9 ratio) as a .JPG, .GIF, .BMP, or .PNG under 2MB.
  • Add relevant and descriptive keywords to your title, which will help your video stand out in random YouTube searches.

If you follow these steps, you can have a professional youtube homepage. The most important part of your YouTube channel is to deliver content every week. The audience you generated will anticipate more from your channel after the first visit. Continuous improvisation is the key.

In our next blog, we will touch few points on how to use your CREATOR STUDIO feature in your YouTube. This will give you step by step guide to optimize your YouTube channel features such as Annotations, cards, add featured videos etc, without any professional help.

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