YouTube Marketing5 Simple Tips To Optimize Your YouTube Videos For Mobile Devices

Aravinda Holla6 years ago

While talking at the just concluded Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech conference, YouTube’s CEO Susan Wojcicki was asked about the top 3 priorities for the company. Not surprisingly, her answer was – “mobile, mobile and mobile”.

It’s a no-brainer considering the fact that 50% of YouTube’s views are coming from mobile devices, according to their latest update. If you are a content creator on YouTube, it is inevitable that you need to shift your creator strategies accordingly and make sure that you don’t lose out on your mobile audience. To help you get started, in this blog we list down 5 actionable tips that you can start incorporating in your content strategy straightaway:

1) Optimize your video thumbnails :

The thumbnails you use for your videos will look relatively smaller and indiscernible on mobile devices when compared to desktops. Hence, make sure that they are sharp and crisp even when viewed in tiny size (especially if you’re using text in the thumbnail)

YouTube Video Thumbnail

2) Use video titles which are mobile friendly :

Together, video title and thumbnail form the perfect hook that you can use to latch onto newer audience which stumbles upon your video on YouTube. And just like your thumbnail, the title of your video should also be optimized since titles get truncated when viewed in smaller devices. Therefore, front load your titles with the most important keywords.

YouTube Video Title

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3) Don’t rely on just annotations for viewer engagement 

YouTube content creators have traditionally relied on annotations for their viewer engagement strategy. But unfortunately, annotations do not work on mobile. And that is why; you should start using Cards.  According to YouTube, cards will eventually replace annotations in the near future.

YouTube Video Cards

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4) Use the ‘Featured Content’ Feature :

Another way of tackling the lack of annotations option on mobile, is to use the Featured Content option. Using this feature, you can embed a chosen video or a playlist across all of the videos on your channel. And they would display consistently across devices. The Featured Content will display in the bottom left corner and will also appear in the what to watch next module for subscribed viewers.

5) Be creative and inform mobile users about the annotations in the video :  

In the description section of your video, list down every annotation that you have used in the video. And in the content of your video, explain to your viewers to look at the description for more info. Create a template for it so that your audience gets a clear idea of what they can expect. For example – explain it at the end of each of your videos. Check out how Smosh does it effectively at the end of this video :

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