YouTube SeriesOrange is the New Black is Back with Season 4 Tomorrow!

Guess who’s back? Back again?

Orange is the freaking new black is back with Season 4! It premieres on Friday, June 17, on Netflix all over the world!

And there are a lot of things to hyped about. Like the fact that this will not be the final season of Orange is the New Black. Back in February, Netflix announced they had renewed the series for three more seasons following the fourth season. So, there will be a fifth, sixth, and seventh season of the series unless something changes drastically.
tumblr_inline_o8m5txsKFt1sqdr4e_500The renewal of the fourth season is not a surprise. OITNB has been one of the top-performing original series on Netflix. The series has garnered more than 20 awards, including three Emmy Awards and two GLAAD Media Awards, and is a recipient of a Peabody Award and a Television Critics’ Assn. Award. It’s produced for Netflix by Lionsgate.

Jenji Kohan is the series creator and showrunner of “Orange Is the New Black,” based on the memoir of the same name by Piper Kerman about an upper-crusty Brooklynite sentenced to prison after running drugs for an acquaintance (and, as it happens, her lover). Taylor Schilling stars in the lead role as Piper Chapman. Cast includes Laverne Cox — the transgender actress who’s been a breakout star from the show — Laura Prepon, Kate Mulgrew, Uzo Aduba and Natasha Lyonne.

Top 7 Season 4 Moments to be hyped about:

1. No flashbacks, no outside, only Litchfield prison!

God and the show creators are finally listening to the fans. We don’t want to see Larry or Polly or Yada Yada Yada, we just want awesome things(which do not include going to the SHU) happening to our favourite characters.

2. Perhaps a new Villain

After Vee left in season two, Season three lacked a clear villain. From what we’ve seen so far of new inmate Judy King (Blair Brown), that might be about to change. Judy’s a celebrity chef in the vein of Martha Stewart, in prison for tax evasion, very polite and cheerful and Southern, and possibly a sociopath. At the very least, her kitchen skills can cause some friction with Red.

3. Soso and Poussey?!!

The trailer and a few pictures hint that P and Soso might be our next power couple!

4. Tastee and Cindy’s black comedy

tumblr_niaodqYg1M1qk9vrao1_500“You really wanna go there with me?”
“Oh I went there, bought a house, moved in bitch. And now I’m remodeling the kitchen!”

5, 100 New Inmates

Season 3 ended with a tease of an influx of new inmates into Litchfield, and the trailer reveals just how many there are: 100.That’s a lot of new prisoners.
Obviously we’re not going to be spending a great deal of time with that many of them, but just the sheer numbers alone are going to cause chaos, with overcrowding becoming a serious issue and various divides opening up.

6. Alex and Piper

We are expecting Alex and Piper to get intimate again from the leaked images.

7. A more Badass Piper

Before, she was generally still a good person, but now she’s started really embracing her criminal side now with her panty business. And that will only get worse in Season 4.
In the trailer, she discusses feeling unsafe which may mean she’s in danger herself, but also that she starts acting dangerously in response.

There’s also the fact that she should be coming towards the end of her time in prison soon, and the showrunners will need to do something big in order to keep her around in Litchfield a while longer.
Because, she’s… the main character, and orange is the new black is about…being in a jail. Maybe she’ll be out for a while, screws up again and then comes back to litchfield with a longer sentence.
And that way…OITNB will go on forever. YAS!!

Oh, and ICYMI, here’s the awesome trailer-

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