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Tanmay Luniya2 years ago

Earlier, people preferred to do some physical activities to entertain themselves or to pass their spare time. But because of the advancement of technology, people have started keeping themselves engaged in their gadgets like mobile phones, laptops, iPads, tablets etc. And now many new android apps have been introduced. These apps develop more interest in the user to use such devices. Well, as I said, operating gadgets is favored by most of the people even in their free time. So, today I am here to tell you, the Top 5 Apps For Entertainment.

Though there is end number of apps which you guys can install and use, the apps which I am gonna share with you guys are among the best ones which can help you to amuse yourself.  If you are a fan of Whatsapp then you should download Gbwhatsapp.

  1. Netflix

Netflix is an influent service which allows you to watch a vast variety of documentaries, TV shows, movies and many more. All you need to have an internet connection in your device and you can enjoy using Netflix. The best part of this astonishing device is, you can watch unlimited content without even having an advert. Well, every month there is always something to add a new thing which you can enjoy watching.

You can try this app for one month which will gonna be free of cost and in case you like the app, you can continue your membership as long as you would want. There will be no commitment, no cancellation fees, and no contract.

  1. Flixter

Well, I guess everybody loves to watch latest movies. And watching movies can be the best source of entertainment for everyone. So,  download Flixter in your device and enjoy watching the latest movies whenever you are free. It is a site for discovering and learning about new movies and congregate others with similar taste in movies. The site also allows its users to view the movie trailers and can get them aware of the upcoming movie in the box office.

  1. Pandora

Music can be the best source of entertainment as well as it can work like medicine to release your stress and tension. So, download Pandora app which is among the best music streaming apps. You can frame your personalized radio station based on your favorite singers, genre, and many more. It will directly deliver music to your device served to your taste. And the best part of this amazing device is, the service is free of cost.

  1. Sketchbook Mobile

If you are quite creative and likes to draw sketches, you can draw them on your mobile phone. This app will turn your mobile into a sketchpad. It will considerate a variety of sketching tools so your sketchpad mobile will be able to work great with a cartridge.

  1. Plex

If you want to experience viewing your favorite pictures, listen to tunes, watching movies stored on your computer to right on Android device, enter Plex. And if you also want to share your media on Plex’s cloud servers, you can have that option also.

So, guys download these apps in your devices and forget to get bored. These apps will always help you to amuse yourself whenever you are free. Thank You.

Tanmay Luniya

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