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With the rapidly growing OTT video service platforms, it has become very difficult for software buyers to pick the right OTT software to launch a video app. Developing a video streaming application is a time consuming process and requires a proper strategy.

There is several OTT softwares to launch video apps yet it gets difficult for owners to pick any one as they all offer almost the same features.

Choosing the appropriate platform launching OTT software ensures exact audience targeting which would make way for further profits.

Building an apropos strategy before launching a video app is necessary because it saves money, time and efforts. Moreover, prioritizing steps previously helps simplify process while provide the right conditions to test and launch video app.

Here, we have listed some popular OTT softwares to launch video apps that can help platform owners make better content and take wiser decisions regarding video app.

Best 7 OTT software to launch video app


The OTT software to launch video apps also helps users create their own VOD website, online academy, streaming service and more. It is highly flexible in features like quick encoding and multi-bitrate streaming which allows 4K UHD quality viewing experience over several devices. Unscreen also provides facilities for email marketing that can drive user engagement and expand user base. Videos can be optimised in different languages on this software too.

OTT software to launch video app

  1. To The New

It is a white label platform that provides the base to develop applications for devices such as gaming consoles, smart TVs, mobiles and more. The OTT software to launch video app allows bulk uploading of videos with digital rights management. This software consists of high quality OTT content management system that manages the uploads, metadata, optimization, asset management and Geo-blocking. To The New is known for being a highly user friendly and easy to use software that also has a feature to monetize video uploads through in-app purchasing, third party ad integration and player branding.

OTT software to launch video app

  1. Zebra OTT

It is one of the most cost effective, efficient OTT software to launch video app. Zebra OTT is a one stop solution for IPTV and OTT developing users. The software provides all round solutions that are highly flexible, provide real time analytics, better quality, accuracy and appropriateness to video uploads. It has a turnkey IPTV and OTT solution which has proved beneficial for internet providers, telecom & cable operators as well as content creators. The software helps users deliver, manage and monetize videos more appropriately that ever before.

OTT software to launch video app

  1. Quickplay

This OTT software to launch video app is perfect for all types of media content companies specifically the multichannel video program distributers (MVPD) which require superior quality, flexibility and scalability. It is supported by multiple Digital rights management (DRM) systems that makes the software more reliable and effective. It has several other features such as the content programing, live sports streaming, workflow management system, cross-platform viewership, VOD ingest and multi DRM support. With high security cloud systems, Quickplay is reliable with significantly reduced risks and TCO.

OTT software to launch video app

  1. VidMind

This OTT software to launch video apps is meant for cable operators, internet service providers, content serving companies and OTT software providers too. It has advance content management system that monitors video uploads, metadata and optimization. VidMind has amazing features like content management, subscriber management, customer care system, reporting and analytics. It provides live TV streaming, app market, multi-screen viewing and more.

OTT software to launch video app

  1. Lightcast

The OTT software to launch video apps provides custom branded OTT platforms that has adaptive content management and delivery system. This software solution has instant trans-coding, optimization of data to be streamed and cloud operation features too. It is user friendly and provides easy to use mobile app templates at monthly subscription packages for more quality streams.

OTT software to launch video app7. Zype

It provides cloud services and techniques that have special features and elements thus making it a reliable OTT software to launch a video app. Zype provides solutions to develop apps that function on variety of platforms like the Amazon Fire tv, Apple tv and more. It provides audience management system, streaming networks, monetization options with flexible features can be integrated in apps and webs.

OTT software to launch video app

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