ListsHow to Create Paid Online Events on Facebook?

Paid online events on Facebook are designed to help marketers and brands monetize their online events streamed live on the platform. The best part of this feature is that Facebook charges only a one-time access fee from attendees while they register themselves for the paid online events on Facebook.

Now content creators, small business owners, educators, media journalists and entrepreneurs can create, promote, advertise, monetize and host online events on just one deck. It is not just effective & efficient but has abilities to assist makers in saving money, effort, and other important resources.

The latest update on the fee collection of the paid online events on Facebook feature notes that it will not charge any amount from SMB’s due to the tough times faced by all.

Facebook was quoted writing,

“To support small businesses and creators, Facebook will not collect any fees from paid online events for at least the next year. For transactions on the web, and on Android in countries where we have rolled out Facebook Pay, small businesses will keep 100% of the revenue they generate from paid online events.”

As the world deals with a series of lockdowns, quarantine routines and social distancing norms, small businesses, brands and marketers are depending on the digital spaces to connect and communicate with customers. Markets are majorly depending on audio-visual communication systems, interactive sessions over video streams and other digital features to acquire new customers as well as retain the old ones. This has pushed paid online events on Facebook to the forefront as a saviour to all of them.

Page admins can host events in live video streams to communicate directly with the target market whereas certain companies are trying events in messenger chat rooms to make the sessions more personalised and interactive.

Moreover, these paid online events on Facebook combines the strengths of advertising, streaming and monetizing to support brands and businesses in becoming a one-stop place for all.

How to Create Paid Online Events on Facebook?

Facebook understands humanity and stands with small and midsized businesses trying to turn them in-person real events in virtual sessions over the platform. As the SMBs work hard towards sustaining and surviving through the pandemic, economic crisis and other disasters, Facebook stated that,

“In our most recent State of Small Business Report with OECD and World Bank, we found that access to cash continues to be the most common ongoing challenge for SMBs. Only 19% of surveyed businesses were getting any financial help (down from earlier in a pandemic). Many businesses are struggling and every cent matters. Shifting in-person events to online is costly enough that businesses shouldn’t have to worry about fees charged by platforms”

Here are the steps briefly explained for business owners, creators and other event hosts to begin with creating paid online events on Facebook.

  1. Click on the paid events option in the notification or go your Facebook page
  2. Select and tap on the pills icon for Events on the Facebook page
  3. Fill in the details and information regarding the paid online events on Facebook. Make sure of not violating any of the Facebook ad policies to stay on the safer side, specifically if you strategize to use Event Ads to promote them.
  4. Ensure that the physical location is marked in the Online Events section only
  5. Click on the tab Enable Paid Events
  6. Pick a price for the paid online event from the dropdown menu. There is the option to choose just one price per event session and one cannot change the pricing after the event is published on Facebook.
  7. Adding a co-host can help in better promotion of the paid online events on Facebook, therefore, do add a Co-host
  8. Recheck and finalize the options for permissions, messaging rights, visibility of guest list et cetera. The number of registered attendees is visible to the event creators only.
  9. Click on Create to proceed with publishing the final draft on Facebook

Always remember to promote the paid online events on Facebook properly so as to reach maximum audiences and spread the word about the event timing and dates.

Ensure that the objectives and messages of the session are conveyed clearly prior to the beginning of the event. This avoids unnecessary misunderstanding due to communication gap.

It is important to check and prepare for a less problematic, well connected and technical glitch-free paid online events on Facebook as that maintains the brand image and assist in hosting event successfully.

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