ListsHow to get Paid Sponsorship on Instagram: Ultimate Guide for Influencers

Instagram has come a long way since it started off as an image sharing application. The social media platform has not just disrupted the existing social networking spaces with its new media formats, improvisations and latest software updates but also led it in full swing.

Brands and marketers find Instagram marketing more impactful in shaping consumer behaviour and purchasing patterns of the market. People tend to follow the content that the Instagram influencers promote, advertise and review on their profiles. Therefore, brands trust the influencers over the much-established celebrities to endorse their products.

With the growing popularity of Instagram and its influencer marketing space, it appears to be highly competitive and difficult to get paid sponsorships. Actually, brands have analysed the potential of real people giving their authentic feedback about a particular label influencing the audiences and making real transitions in their purchasing decision. Hence, anyone with a bunch of followers can find sponsorships for themselves by just abiding by few rules and implementing certain efficient practices to widen the scope of impacting people.

What is Paid Sponsorship on Instagram?

A sponsored Instagram post is basically a post on the products/services of a brand or company that pays to get it across to a wider audience. Usually paid sponsorship on Instagram is of two types: one where the brand creates a post and pays to Instagram for access to a target custom audience, another is where the company pays to another account holder a.k.a Influencers to advertise on their behalf to reach their niche audience.

Promoted posts

These are native ads similar to those facilitated on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn where the advertisers/brand/marketer can develop their own content post and customise the audience as well. The target audience is filtered using the parameters such as interests, jobs, demography etc. and people identifying with the same come across the posts. The advertiser/brand needs to pay Instagram for the access accordingly. The publisher is responsible for creating and promoting the content on the platform after buying access to the custom audience features and facilities.

Paid sponsorships

This system involves the brand with another individual or group on Instagram having their own audience. Usually, the account holder is in themselves another brand that attracts audiences relevant to their content and business. They are Influencers of various types.

The paid sponsorship on Instagram is more like product placement on social media where a company will pay the Instagram influencer to endorse the product/service in their post or content of any kind. The system is identical to brands asking TV shows and channels to place their soda can, merchandise and other elements on the final of the particular show in a deal of mostly finance.

Influencers have a particular type of audience that all brands may not have access to hence, hiring or signing a contract with the Instagram brand/ influencer gives them the edge over that market. The niche audience required for a certain specific type of company can be easily found and reached with this method. While there are several ways to get paid sponsorships on Instagram, brands must remember to analyse what suits them best instead of blindly doing what the competitor is doing.

How to get paid sponsorship on Instagram?

  1. Build brand

Make sure visitors know what your Instagram profile is all about. Define the niche, tell the type of content that is posted there, develop an identity through which audiences can recognise it. Mentioning the business and content is necessary because brands and people need to know if you do food photography, review homestays, explore destinations or spread awareness about animal care. This will help relevant companies to know about the profile and go ahead with paid sponsorships on Instagram to reach your audiences that are vital TG for them as well.

As you build the brand, it is important to focus on the post layout, creatives, adding a theme to the profile and ensuring that there is something idiosyncratic about the content.

Make sure audiences can relate as well as identify the content as that will add more character to the profile thereby attracting more followers.

  1. Audience analysis

Study the kind of people following your account as it will help you build the appropriate content that are engaging as well as informative for them. Use basic tools and in-built features on Instagram to analyse the interests of the audience, the kind of content that they engage in and content that is disliked. Keep a data record of the jobs, gender, age, demography etc. as it will help improvise the posts, themes and other aspects to appeal to them.

Pitching a brand for paid sponsorships on Instagram will require explaining the kind of audience available for the profile. Informing a diet brand that they will be able to reach 60 males, aged between 25 to 45 years, interested in fitness and gym, working in New Delhi is way more effective than simply pitching with a statement that goes “you will reach a lot of youth out there”.

  1. Tag appropriately

Start with tagging some local brands from a similar category to expand the reach and attract the right kind of audience. If the Instagram profile deals with food vlogging, then tag the nearest café or restaurant instead of going for the international ones. Post defining the Instagram profile and the type of content to go on it, you can pitch to the relevant brands that may benefit from collaborations. It will need an explanation of the audience segment, content styles and benefits that they will get in the partnership. To help the right brands reach the profile tag wisely.

Moreover, adding appropriate geotags and hashtags can help improve the content visibility, reach more followers and build a reputation around it. This will help develop the overall influencer marketing scopes for the profile.

  1. Provide contact details

Writing the right bio is essential to communicate with visitors that can be further converted into paid sponsorship on Instagram partners, loyal followers or contributors. Mention email id, websites, blog link to display the versatile expansions of the profile. It will make the profile appear reliable and build trust among followers thereby enhancing the chances of great collaboration opportunities.

  1. Measure and know the worth

One must know where they stand in the already crowded influencer market. Understand the requirements of the brands, followers and other counterparts working on similar notes. Be sure of charging according to the worth of the profile, set up a pricing structure, know the market standards and work along the line. Watch the engagements, views, visits etc. to know the areas that need to be worked on. Negotiate with the brands as required and set standards for posting stories, reels, takeovers or hosting giveaways on their behalf.

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