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Brands started stepping up their Periscope game majorly in 2015. Most of the ones that took advantage of the new and rising live video platform for their marketing campaigns are the ones that are still given examples of.

If you’re not familiar with what brands do on Periscope, then read on. Basically, it’s kind of like the Snapchat. Users get on live video streams on Periscope that are not available to watch later or over and over like YouTube. This is one of the cons of Periscope too, but that’s the thing about live content.

When you create enough want/urgency in the minds of your audience, like announcing you’ll be doing a special feature interview with this celebrity only Live on Periscope. Combine that ‘want’ with some engaging quality content, and you will draw in your fans, the fandoms of celebrities or subjects you’re featuring, new audiences, and potential customers.

So now that you have an idea of what and why brands use Periscope, let’s talk about HOW incorporate and highlight Periscope in an inspiring way, as a part of their overall campaigns, through both promoted and organic posts. Here are some 10 good examples of it.

1. RedBull

Red Bull was one of the first brands that showed their presence on Periscope. With the help of Tweets and Snapchat Stories, they tested the app at the Miami Music Week and live streamed the events from their Red Bull Guest House.

They experiment with various types of content too like showing Sports Stars Being Fun. Red Bull’s videos tend to show behind-the-scenes footage of a variety of extreme sports stars in a more relaxed setting than you’d typically get to see, playing foosball or otherwise goofing off.

2. Food Brands:

Like- Nestle, Dunkin Donuts, Doritos, Taco Bell


Nestle show Summer Scenes to promote their Drumstick ice cream, Nestle used Periscope to show fans some live traditional summer views, getting viewers in the mood for tasty cold treats in celebration of the first day of summer.

Nestlé’s Drumstick, an ice cream brand, became the first to run sponsored Periscope streams, in line with the Summer Solstice. A number of influencers posted streams on their own channels, including the hashtag #ad,  supported by Promoted Tweets from Drumstick.


Doritos, the American chips brand run Live contests to drum up interest in their Doritos Roulette. They have been using Periscope to give away prizes to live viewers, meaning that fans of corn chips have all the more incentive to tune in.

Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin Donuts has been trying to regain market share from Starbucks for years. And they have been especially focused on reaching the millennial demographic since their purchasing power is growing rapidly. Last summer, the company started looking for new ways like Periscope to attract attention to their iced coffees.

They did this with the event ‘DD Summer Soundtrack,’ a five-concert series with musical performances, videos, customised playlists of all the musicians, behind-the-scenes action, and wrap-up sizzle reels from all the footage.

3. Beauty Brands:

Such as-

Benefit Cosmetics

Benefit Cosmetics use Periscope to build their brand value with existing customers. They live stream makeup tutorials and other beauty/cosmetic things, regularly. And so a lot of their customers become their regular viewers. Most people don’t go to stores for demos or trying out things, they watch the first impressions, product reviews, and live demos, without leaving the house. According to Digiday, their customers are clearly highly-engaged, as the company usually earns nearly 20,000 hearts in any given live streaming session.

4. Fashion Brands:

Like- Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs, DKNY

Ralph Lauren

But the fashion house that tested Periscope elaborately was U.S. label Ralph Lauren. Ralph Lauren used Periscope to live-stream their 2015 New York Fashion week show. AND, the show was broadcasted simultaneously across the pond in London’s Piccadilly Circus AKA London’s Times Square.

Marc JacobsDKNY digiday screenshot

Marc Jacobs broadcast live Q&A after a fashion show.


New York fashion house DKNY, has been surviving since thirty years by keeping up with the changing times. They were among the first in the retail industry to realise that they can leverage this revolutionary streaming service to reach new markets.

One of their live streams involved showing off their design studio’s closet full of clothing, providing some interesting insight into the world of fashion, which gave viewers a rare glimpse at their wide array of designer clothes.

5. Automobile Brands:

Like- Audi, Honda


Car manufacturer Honda used Periscope at the grand opening of their Silicon Valley research facility to announce a brand new car.


Audi live streamed a professional racing driver playing video games. Dion von Moltke answered some questions from fans while playing the popular racing simulator Forza 5. He entertained his fans by failing to do two things at once.

6. Gaming:


EA Sports

This is one brand that knows the value of transparency. Electronic Arts (EA) Sports has one of the biggest lines of sports video games on the market, and a few months ago, they started using Periscope to stream their game Madden 15, to give potential buyers a glimpse of what they’re missing out on. Viewers got to see exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of such NFL stars as Odell Beckham Jr. and Patrick Peterson, ask questions, and interact with EA.

7. Sports Brands:

Like- Adidas, Puma


Adidas recognises the benefits live-stream in only a couple of days after the app was launched. They broadcasted Real Madrid soccer star James Rodriguez literally signing an extension to his contract on paper with Adidas, the sports clothing giant. But it was just a 20-second press event streamed live from their headquarters in Germany. Even though Periscope was new and didn’t have a lot of viewers, Adidas earned the distinction of being the first company in their industry to market their brand.


Puma having jumped on Periscope quickly and it was living up to its #ForeverFaster Twitter campaign.

8. Mountain Dew

Mountain dew, the popular soft drink would shower their Periscope videos viewers with free branded merchandise. They have sent free t-shirts and baseball caps. This means that fans have an extra incentive to tune in, and if they win, they give the company free advertising by wearing their logo.

Dew’s first broadcast was “Stop By to Say What’s Up,” which lasted just 3 minutes. It was a simple but smart plan. Fans were asked to tune into the video, ask, “What’s up?” and interact with the brand. And as a thank you to its most active viewers, they gave away free stuff.

9. Spotify

Spotify created an account the very day that Periscope launched and held their first Periscope session only a few hours later. They basically go behind the scenes with musicians. Like Conor O’Brian of Villagers fame, and an exclusive interview with Avery Wilson.

The company’s started using Periscope interviews as a reward for sharing and playing music, such as their campaign to encourage sharing of Becky G’s single Lovin’ So Hard. If fans reach 15 million shares, the singer will do an exclusive chat on Periscope.

10. Tech:


Unlike other brands, adobe doesn’t aim to entertain on Periscope. Their sessions are rather intense like when they hosted a day-long event, where 24 different Adobe employees discussed the release of one of their new products, Creative Cloud. This event was a big success as the #CreativeCloud hashtag was trending on Twitter which helped get people on their Periscope event.

“For 24 hours you can chat with 24 different members of our team (evangelists, product managers): We’ll discuss new features, explain the mobile-to-desktop workflow and CreativeSync technology, and give you the opportunity to meet and engage with the teams behind our applications and services—Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Illustrator CC, Adobe InDesign CC, Adobe Muse CC, Typekit, Adobe Stock—our mobile applications, and more.”

General Electric (GE)

General Electric broadcasts an Interview with Bill Nye the Science Guy and Neil deGrasse Tyson Science fans probably would have loved a chance to see this exclusive interview, but you can’t if you didn’t catch it while it was happening. GE is one of the largest corporations in the world and Periscope helped them boost transparency and even more customer engagement.

One time, GE developed a drone that hovered over its manufacturing facility in Texas. The drone carried a camera that streamed the video feed to their Periscope channel as part of a week-long event known as ‘Drone Week,’ which became a unique way for GE to engage with their younger viewers.

Other than the brands listed above, Target, The British Museum and even celebrity brand names like Roger Federer, Jimmy Fallon, and many YouTubers use Periscope to engage new viewers and existing fans.

So what we conclude from this article is, that it is easier for any brand, big or small, to gain an audience on a social media platform if they jump on it early. Because the audience won’t be huge, but you will have limited competition too. Investing in a new and unstable platform but if your marketing strategy works, it can do wonders for your brand.

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