Online Video NewsPewDiePie slams clickbait media defending his controversy

PewDiePie just retaliated in his new video titled “In my defense,” to talk about the recent controversy he created when he made a couple of Indian men dance while carrying “Death to all Jews.”

He told that clickbait journalism is on raise, and the media organizations like The Sun Online, Buzz Feed, The Daily Mail among others are using clickbait titles and articles to entice their audiences to read their articles.  PewDiePie stressed his viewers to understand the differences between a joke and an anti-semitic comment on anything.

“It’s 2017 now and we are going to have to start separating what is a joke and what is actually problematic” – PewDiePie said

Background Story –

As we all know, Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg is a 26-year-old creator of the most subscribed YouTube channel called PewDiePie.

Whether it’s “deleting his YouTube channel with 51 million subscribers” or “saying the N-word’ in a video and without acknowledging or apologizing; PewDiePie is famous for his rhetoric pranks all over the world. But this time, he tried a little harder and failed miserably.

PewDiePie found a pair of men on Fiverr who make a living by creating short videos of themselves unrolling banners with messages from paying customers. If you check their YouTube channelFiverr Funny Guys” previous videos, you can see that those messages they normally hold up are “Happy Birthday” messages or innocent jokes.

He asked those two men to dance with a banner saying “death to all Jews” – allegedly because he assumed they wouldn’t do it. But due to their limited understanding; the way of pronouncing the words which sounded like they were trying to read something phonetically while trying to make a buck for a living.

If you don’t know, Fiverr is a website where customers pay people to do anything they want, like edit a video, write content/blog, manage social media pages, etc. And the duo, who ran a small business called “Funny Guys” on Fiverr, were paid just a few pounds to carry out the stunt.

With more than 7 million views, the video generated a huge backlash among his community where they label his act of comedy as an “anti-Semitic” message.

Context-fuc***g matters. Titles will never explain contents – PewDiePie

Although PewDiePie apologized for his actions which he never expected at the end of the same video; both PewDiePie and the Fiverr Funny Guys were banned for life from Fiverr website effectively.

The duo Fiverr Funny Guys apologized in a video where they begged to be reinstated.

Appearing to read from a sheet, they said: “We are extremely sorry for the mistake we made…we really didn’t know what the message meant…Some other people are telling we are talking and writing English but we didn’t know what ‘the Jews’ means.”

They begged “please understand our situation” and claimed that “due to our mistake our Fiverr account is suspended”.

Do you think PewDiePie went a little too far for this prank? Or this was an act of dark humor that his followers failed to understand? PewDiePie himself acknowledged the sheer replicated ignorance his videos have shown.

Considering the level of obscenity other YouTubers like Joey salads, VitalyzdTv has shown in their previous videos; will you support PewDiePie’s actions? Do comment below and let us know.


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