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Questions about the purpose of one’s life, hidden messages behind nature’s phenomenon, the language of dogs etc. often leave us curiously pondering over various thoughts. Philosophical researches and studies usually document such questions and find the varieties of the answers to settle the matter for many.

We often tend to think about multiple topics and subject matter within a few hours of the day while there are times when we have just no thought where the mind kind of relaxes. Now there can be a question the above statement too.

Why does the brain remember silly things from the past but tends to forget important points? Why do some people enjoy petrichor? Why do we have phobias? What is a spirit? Why do we wear a certain kind of clothes? And the list of such questions will be longer. Philosophy is the subject that studies the mind and thoughts, analyses thinking power, calculates the result probabilities by discussing the main concepts & theories.

It is a vast and unending subject that is widely studied across the world. Moreover, these Philosophy YouTube channels are dedicated to the subject and help experts, as well as students, understand the ideas.

Here we have listed the top Philosophy YouTube Channels that will assist you in filling life with best of knowledge and inspire everyone else.

Best 5 Philosophy YouTube channels

#1 Bite-size philosophy

It is one of the most interesting philosophy YouTube channels that imparts amazing snippets from full lecture videos by Dr Jordan Peterson, a renowned clinical psychologist. These easy to share trimmed video bits are full of motivation and encouragement for people who are facing tough times or are looking for a new dimension in their life. With 473k subscribers, the channel uploads regular content that is short, crisp and regular in the pattern. Do check it for some new insights in life.

#2 The School of Life

The channel is surely one of the most engaging philosophy YouTube channels that discuss regular issues faced by individuals in day to day life. There are videos about self-improvement, introspection, understanding life, taking simple decisions and choosing the right for ourselves. It has helped and continues to assist people under stress, undergoing mental health issues and having troubled life. If you are looking for content that will help you build a healthier soul, calm mind, good career decisions and independence then do check their site.

#3 Philosophy vibe

Animated debates & discussions about great philosophies by popular personalities, clash of ideologies, inspiring theories and fundamental arguments make it one of the most engaging philosophy YouTube channels. Beginners, college students, university-level graduates can leverage the videos on this channel as they are well explained and discuss academic philosophy. Right from knowing what is morality to understanding the mind and reality, everything is discussed in details. The channel content also discusses the basic existence of god and other interesting topics. Do check it for more information related to the field.

#4 Harvard Philosophy Department

With over 7.67k subscribers on the channel, members of the Department of Philosophy at Harvard University have successfully reached out to millions of viewers with their authentic content. Lectures on philosophical topics, discussion panel videos, top interviews and outstanding content video make it one of the best philosophy YouTube channels. The material provided on this site helps many students and experts in understanding how different minds work and execute plans. Do check them if you want to learn about the department and its notable works.


The channel has 66.8k subscribers who consume the mind-boggling and thought-provoking videos uploaded here. The creator has a deep understanding of where life is leading people in modern times. It believes that these days we are surrounded by opinions that are disguised as facts and the spokesperson from the different entities as politics, religions, science and media tend to influence people by claiming access to real knowledge. While most people choose to keep views that exist on the basis of their heart, fears and pains instead of the mind. The channel uploads videos that clear such mediocre thoughts by discussing fair points and rationalising topic issues to make sure the audience learn the reality instead of sugar-coated lies.

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