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Nowadays learning a new skill or upgrading talents is easier with YouTube as the videos demonstrate each and every minute details related to the subject matter. Most of these YouTube channels are created by industry experts and professionals who provide authentic and helpful material that is not just practical but also imparts knowledge to the viewers.

YouTube channels provide easy to follow, stepwise methodical and explanatory videos on almost anything to everything. It is a great source of information, idea and wisdom, everyone who watches these content is left motivated, inspired, positive and rejuvenated about respective topics.

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Social media has become a part of everyone’s daily life. It sees regular viral content, grabs crazy attention of viewers and stays at the top priority for almost all of us. Even though there are creators talking about food, makeup, travel and party, one thing stays permanently important for them all and that is Photography.

Recently, a picture of the majestic black panther went viral on Instagram followed by the other social media platforms, it was the result of hard work, efforts and marvellously executed plan by a wildlife photographer in India. Since last few years, people are increasingly buying DSLRs and action cameras besides the smartphone brands focusing on promoting their camera capabilities to attract customers. All this indicates the spike in growth of peoples preferability and interest in Photography.

In the era of internet, it hardly matters if you are a good traveller, hitchhiker, trekker, chef, or an expert connoisseur till you know how to click pictures at the right time from the appropriate angles. Photography YouTube channels are the best sources of information, tips & tricks to develop master skills in the art of capturing precious moments or building the next big thing on social media.

Here are 10 Photography YouTube channels that one must follow to learn the basic and advanced ethics of the rare dexterity.

10 Photography YouTube channels to follow in 2021

  1. Sean Tucker

Pure passion and creativity are two of the top adjectives that I can use for Sean’s channel. Quoting his about description on the channel, I’m more interested in the ‘why’ of photography than in the ‘how’ explains his mission and vision behind starting one of them out of the box, marvellous Photography YouTube channels. The channel has videos that are created with a lot of conviction & experience therefore they are posted with long intervals and those are worth the wait. There are practical, easy to apply insights about photography that can be understood by the picture enthusiast. He believes that one with a great vision and cheap camera may produce better photographs than someone with expensive gear and just no creative view.

  1. The Art of Photography

Ted Forbes takes his audiences 360 degrees round the artistry of the magical skill and everything lying behind the lenses. The Art of Photography is one amazing Photography YouTube channels that teach about the world’s best photographers, unique techniques, the history behind the skill, idea about related gadgets, clicking right angles etc. This channel with videos on photography is a must-follow for all who aspire to pursue photography as a profession or want to upskill their interest. Ted has a community of photographers who frequently participate in social media contests and other interactions to build a stronger place for themselves.

  1. Jessica Kobeissi

With over 1.75 Million subscribers, Jessica owns one of the most versatile, innovative and engaging Photography YouTube channels that one must not miss. She travels the world and captures brilliant portraits, talks about effective techniques, editing and improvising content. Her skills just get better with each of the videos posted. The channel has videos on unboxing, trying new cameras, experimenting with ideas and reviewing gadgets & gears. She is inspiring and highly professional with camera skills.

  1. Kai W

Kaiman Wong is a popular face in the world of photos and videos. He vlogs about the camera, photography, video editing, etc. through one of the most engaging Photography YouTube channels that have over 891k subscribers. The channel posts videos about new cameras, gadgets and gears to click amazing pictures besides explaining hacks to master editing skills for different effects. Kai loves bokeh light effects, stays all charged up when discussing technology and photography. Anyone who is looking for channels to learn photography as well videography must check this channel out.

  1. The Slanted Lens

Watch Jay P Morgan speak about subtle ways to capture the best click of your life. He demonstrates easy to do techniques that will assist his audiences in clicking, improvising and compiling best pictures. It is one of the most informative Photography YouTube channels where people can understand the science behind the art of picture clicking as well as learn about cameras, lenses, gain equipment knowledge, know about clicking with films, laws of light, using strobes, handling portrait lighting etc. The videos are a must-see for photographers and videography enthusiasts.

  1. Maati Haapoja

He has one of the most interesting, engaging and helpful Photography YouTube channels that anyone can watch to learn about photography. Considering myself a rookie in this category of art, videos on this channel are so beneficial and surprisingly motivating too. There are videos about all sorts of camera tools, versions and most importantly comparative analysis that can help one decide better about photography. The channel also has videos busting myths and discovering the facts as well as experimenting with fascinating ideas that further make it a great place for the camera community.

  1. Mango Street

Photography YouTube channels are different from each other based on their content and most of them are more of talking. At Mango Street, there is more of doing and videos that will not waste your time in real. They have some amazingly titled project videos which will fill you up with ideas to carry out. There is content on editing portraits, clicking best selfies, conducting a complete DIY photoshoot, handling drone photography, working with lightroom etc. apart from basics about buying cameras and clicking good photos. Anyone who is looking for quirky and fun ways to learn the skill then this is where you must subscribe.

  1. Irene Rudnyk

She clicks people and ensures that the focus remains clear on the subject thereby creating some of the most jaw-dropping photographs. With over 699k subscribers, it is one of best Photography YouTube channels that imparts knowledge regarding clicking people, streets and ensuring brilliance in raw clicks itself. If you want to know more about transforming basic, common visuals into extraordinary & brilliant pictures than the tutorials on this channel is all that one needs.

  1. CreativeLive

437k subscribers and counting. This is not just about clicking beautiful snaps but understanding the complete community of world’s best photographers, filmmakers and creative minds. Learning photography is beyond the camera lens and scenery, it is a mode of narrating a story, raising the voice, spreading the fact in the right way. Here on this channel one gets to learn them all. It was founded by photographer Chase Jarvis who aimed to educate students and see them succeed in their life, hobby and career. The channel supports people interested in building a life amidst and around their passion for photography.

  1. Thomas Heaton

Apart from pleasing all his viewers with amazing tips & tricks about photography, Thomas is an expert in clicking with landscapes. The channel has videos on travelling outdoors, camping and capturing views for the audiences. There are techniques that he teaches in most of his videos shot in his studio and the rest is about knowing skills and lesser-known methods to be self-sufficient while travelling as a photographer. If you are an adventure plus photography enthusiast this channel is a complete package for you.

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