ListsHow to Use Pinterest Scheduler to Post Pins Effectively?

Are you a brand or creator looking for an audience open to new ideas, products and uncommon deals?

Well, Pinterest is just the ideal social media platform that can help promote the related posts and ads to the more relevant users online.

Besides being home to many unique kinds of project ideas, tips & tricks, niche companies and a variety of online shops with their promotional content, Pinterest holds the ability to connect any kind of brands to its target market.

Pinterest Scheduler to Post Pins

With over 500 million active users, it is a social media platform that has made more impact on lives during the pandemic comparatively.

People have come across ideas, saved pins and made purchases based on the application recommendations. However, in order to achieve great returns and revenues, it is essential to strategize and execute a proper Pinterest marketing plan. This includes understanding the insights, studying usage pattern of audiences, user interest and other related data to frame the right content at the right time for an effective result.

Using Pinterest Scheduler to Post Pins Effectively

A well planned and prepared marketing strategy can be utilised properly to remain constant, organised and regular on the social media platform. It will help the publisher in staying consistent while posting pins without much hassle and errors.

Pre-scheduling posts will assist the brands/creators in tapping into the market when they are mostly active on the site. The scheduled incorporation of regular content pins on Pinterest ensures that the users are aware of the brand and connect with it on certain levels. A Pinterest scheduler is important to post pins without going online each and every time it needs to go live. It holds great benefits like saving time, effort, and organising the posting schedule by aligning the timing with requirements.

Pinterest Scheduler to Post Pins

Make sure to understand the pattern of audiences that the brand needs to target so as to post when people are online and browsing similar content. As brands may differ in their mission and vision from each other, all of them require a tailor-made strategy and customised plan to post the pins on Pinterest at the peak time for the most engagement.

Steps to use the Pinterest Scheduler to Post Pins

Brands on Pinterest can easily use the platform to schedule pins natively. Here are a few pre-requisites that one must be aware of before trying to use the Pinterest scheduler to post pins.

  1. The scheduling of pins to post can be done on a desktop system or iOS
  2. Brands need to create a business account with Pinterest
  3. A single pin can be scheduled at a time. However, one can easily schedule posts for 2 weeks in advance or up to 30 pins.
  4. Creating a pin is different and scheduling them for the post is another task hence, do not confuse.

Pinterest Scheduler to Post Pins

In order to access the feature on the Pinterest scheduler to post pins, brands need to follow these steps:

  1. Be sure of upgrading the personal Pinterest account into a business profile before going ahead with using Pinterest scheduler to post pins. It is a mandate to use only Pinterest Business account
  2. Go to the profile and click on Create or the ‘+’ option followed by clicking on pins from the menu. This will lead to creating a pin page
  3. Choose the board to create the pin else create a new board for the pin whichever is relevant and convenient
  4. After adding the content provide details like description, Alt text, title, which will better explain the content from its feature image itself. Pinterest works great with images using a 2:3 aspect ratio
  5. Consider adding the related link of post, blog, article etc. to the attractive image
  6. Select the option of publishing at a later date
  7. Set the date and time of desired publishing. Make sure it is within 14 days of the current date
  8. Click publish
  9. Brands can keep a tab of all their scheduled pins in the page with the same title ‘scheduled pins’
  10. Prepare other promotions accordingly

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