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Vishal Sharma3 years ago

People come to Pinterest to discover products and take inspiration from the platform before making their next purchase, and with over 290 million monthly active users, Pinterest has grown as a shopping buddy and social marketing leader. From decor ideas to style and inspire, Pinterest has ideas and interests for every logged-in user. For brands and businesses, Pinterest Shopping Ads is a game-changer to convert Pinterest traffic into sales.

In the last few years, Pinterest has emerged as the leading social media platform with strong user engagement, bringing together the world of visual search and shopping. Pinterest users (Pinners) save or “pin” relevant visuals to “Boards” (collection of pins), and upon clicking a visual, the user is redirected to the original page or external website where the product can be purchased or found. 

Pinterest is actively helping advertisers, and brands showcase their products and services in front of millions of people who are willing to buy products as per their taste and preference. Pinterest previously announced Shopping Ads and buyable pins to help advertisers gain increased distribution and to let people find relevant products for their search.

Pinterest Shopping Ads

Now, Pinterest has launched several new features for marketers to scale their presence and display the catalog of products to potential buyers at the right time. The update includes self-serve Pinterest Shopping Ads via Ads Manager, Pinterest Catalogs, browsable products section from a specific brand and shopping search, personalized recommendations for home decor boards and dedicated new shopping spaces to explore a brand’s entire catalog. 

Pinterest Shopping Ads via Ads Manager

Last year, Pinterest rolled out Shopping Ads for some selected retailers, and in 2019, it expanded Shopping Ads for all merchants in the US, AU, NZ, CA, UK, and IR. With a high-quality product catalog, businesses can promote their product pins on all surfaces within Pinterest without setting any targeted keywords or interests.

These Ads are automatically created using dynamic information from the product feed. Pinterest is now making the Ads available via a self-serve tool, Ads Manager, bringing it in line with Google and Facebook’s product ad campaigns. Marketers can now launch their Pinterest shopping ads campaigns within the Ads Manager, create brand awareness, and boost their sales.

Aspects of Pinterest Shopping Ads

There are a lot of benefits of Pinterest Shopping Ads, be it for the advertiser or a customer. When compared with advertising on other platforms like Facebook and Instagram, returns are high enough to build a brand and make sales. So let us discuss major key points related to Pinterest Shopping Ads to let you know more about them.

Early Customer Reach

Pinterest Shopping Ads allow brands and advertisers to reach out to people much before they plan to buy a product. Shopping Ads increase awareness about a product and influence people to buy it. One of the initial partners of Pinterest Shopping Ads, “Ulta Beauty” were able to increase brand awareness and sales by connecting with beauty enthusiasts in the early phase of consideration.

Strong ROAS and Boost in Traffic

Pinterest Shopping Ads showcase an entire catalog to the right people at the right time. These Ads have incremental ROAS and strong clickthrough rates. Even after the campaign has ended, Shopping Ads stay with the users who have either repinned or saved it. According to Pinterest, Lowe’s recorded 76% better return on ad spend compared to their initial goal while IKEA Canada recorded a 25% reduction in overall cost per order.

Pinterest Shopping Ads Catalog

Pinterest Shopping Ads

With Catalogs, merchants and brands can now upload their complete catalog on Pinterest, organize products based on categories, upload multiple images and turn products into dynamic Product Pins as long as their domain is verified on Pinterest. These dynamic pins can then be organized by product groups in a dedicated dashboard and later promoted using Pinterest’s Shopping Ads via Ads Manager.

The catalog will help brands and retailers to reach out to potential customers, and at the same time, shoppable pins will help pinners discover and shop products and ultimately drive more sales.

Shop a Brand

Pinterest Shopping Ads Shop a Brand

Shop a Brand is a dedicated section of products from a specific retailer or brand and is rolling out beneath Product Pins. Users will then be able to narrow down a search to a single brand by clicking “more from [brand]” and navigate to the brand’s entire catalog. 

Personalized shopping recommendations

Pinterest Shopping Ads Personalized shopping recommendation

Pinterest has also added personalized shopping recommendations alongside home, style, beauty, and DIY boards for users based on the product pins they have saved or purchased in the past. To start, click on “more ideas,” and then go to “shopping tag”, to start shopping ideas picked for you. The users can either save the specific pin to their boards or click the pin to directly navigate to the retailer’s site.

This feature will give each Pinterest user a personalised shopping experience and convenience to find items matching their style and preference. 

Shopping search

To start shopping, search for a product name like “study lamps” or “men’s shirts,” and the shopping results will start appearing on the top of your home feed. With more in-stock Product Pins, there are more products to search for. Click “see more” to continue shopping.

This piece was all about the features of Pinterest Shopping Ads. Soon we will write about how to setup these Ads through which you will get to know about product feed and how to create dynamic Ads with that feed

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