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The aesthetically appealing and visually engaging social media platform has come a long way over the years. Being the online pinboard for fresh ideas and user-generated creativity, Pinterest has gathered much praise.

Often termed as the “catalogue of ideas,” Pinterest is a social media web and mobile application company. It helps people connect with innovative and creative options relevant to their respective field of interest.

Pinterest video marketing

The application is more than just cupcakes, DIY home décor, new recipes, and pre-wedding photoshoots.

With over 291 Million active users, Pinterest video marketing seems to be the next big bubble for digital marketing firms.

What is Pinterest?

The web app connects like-minded people with similar interests.

These interests can be mainstream like cooking, designing, petting, and niches like crafts, art, instruments, and jewelry making.

Pinterest has an expansive audience who search for various images, Gifs and short clips regularly. This is a fact that plays a vital role in Pinterest video marketing.

A massive number of people can be reached by adding specific appropriate keywords in descriptions of the pins.

Pinterest video marketing
Source: Hootsuite

There is a major difference in how Facebook & Twitter function as social media platforms compared to Pinterest. A Facebook post or tweet may stay live for some time and get old later, but pins on Pinterest stay live forever. This increases the probability of it getting viral and having a growth in engagement rates on it.

Pinterest provides the platform to its users where they can create ideas, inspire others, live a life to do things they dreamt of someday.

What is Pinterest video marketing?

The statistics report 83% of audiences on Pinterest are women aged 25-54 years. Beauty, recipes, DIY crafts, health, and travel are a few of the most popular categories on the site.

These insights provide an excellent base for businesses looking towards engaging in digital marketing.

Pinterest being the host to audiences of vast interest, serves the best purpose in target market identification.

Pinterest video marketing

Marketing over this platform is more effective because the marketing research options help advertise the product to the relevant audience only.

“On Pinterest, brands don’t interrupt—they inspire. Share your ideas with people who want to see them.”

Quotes the official Pinterest business page.

In the time when social media is dominated by video content, Brands must utilize the video features on Pinterest. Video ads are more interactive and tend to explain the product & service better than plain images.

According to the official site, 54% of its users are more likely to say that action by videos on Pinterest inspires more than those on other websites.

Pinterest videos were initially in “click to play,” which meant they required click from user to start playing. Nowadays, Pinterest rolled out Autoplay feature that drastically affected the view rates.

Pinterest video marketing

Previously videos got no views without a click, which changed later as they played automatically as the user scrolled the page.

Autoplay plays the video without sound, which is comfortable and increases view impressions. The feature helped brands to reach to the extreme of the customers and do better business.

Pinterest video marketing is valuable for brands because it provides analytics & insights software that traces user demography. Customers can be re-targeted, thus, helping in generating more revenue and brand awareness.

Why use Pinterest video marketing for business?

Marketers need to create a business profile to get access to the video features of the platform. A business page can get created for free, or a personal account can easily get converted into one for advertising and promotions.

The billing information page is a mandatory point without filling which users or creators cannot upload videos.

The Pinterest video marketing option allows brands, business, individual influencer, and other creators to publish their videos.

Viewing metrics come along with a publishing tool that helps learn more about the video performances. Main parameters include pin-like clicks, saves, and close-ups.

Pinterest video marketing

Brands can get their hands on video views, average watch-time duration, impressions, click-through rates, etc. These options help in understanding what kind of content perform better on Pinterest.

Usually, video pins that are in storytelling format or provide step-wise information or explain know-how and contain creativity are most viewed and shared.

Pinterest video marketing

More than two-third of users on the site informed that they discovered new brands and innovative products relevant to them on Pinterest.

While most of these pinners use the content here to make purchases and plan activities, Brands must make Pinterest video marketing a priority.

Building better video marketing strategies on Pinterest

Being one of the most significant web traffic drivers in the world, Pinterest is the fastest growing social media websites. Brands must consider advertising on the site as it improves campaign reach due to the lasting popularity of pins across generations.

Ads and pins posted now would bring better results and increased traffic in the coming months. Such features improve sales and generate leads as well, which would help the business get bigger conversion numbers.

Pinterest is known to be 80% more viral with a broader reach than Twitter posts as their pins are three times more effective in comparison.

It helps get more inbound links because all the pins have links driving visitors to the brand page. Moreover, it integrates with other web pages of the company, including Facebook and Twitter thus ensuring cross-platform marketing.

Pinterest video marketing is an excellent converter of browsers to buyers. Therefore brands should utilize the scope and discover marketing opportunities.

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