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In our previous blogs, we have discussed the steps to record podcast along with the best of the tools and techniques to assist audio content creators.

Right from picking the proper hosting platform to cutting, trimming, editing and improvising records, podcasters have a lot to before the final launch.

After learning several techniques and tools to create, edit and launch podcasts, it is important to know how to promote the same for greater reach. It is important to understand that releasing good podcast is not enough to determine its success.

Using the best podcast marketing tools is essential for podcasters as it would help them spread the podcast while driving most of the traffic towards it.

We have deduced some useful podcast marketing tools which would assist audio content creators and podcasters to maximize their audience and reach the target market.

Best podcast marketing tools to maximize reach

  1. Social media

Planning a marketing strategy without social media is a huge loss of major stakes. Be it Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat or twitter, promoting on all or any one of these platforms is highly beneficial hence are a mandate for marketers these days.

You must have overcome podcasts on many such platforms and that is where the podcasters target the market. Social media platforms are few of those best podcast marketing tools that help creators spot the relevant market and promote the podcast to them. To maximize listeners on your podcast, it is recommended and wise to post it on multiple social media platforms.

podcast marketing tools

Firstly, you must shortlist and narrow down the options of platform to advertise the podcast by knowing which is more relevant to your content.

Secondly, make note of analytics that inform you about who, when, how did anyone engage themselves with the podcast. Simply posting online won’t help much therefore make sure to include sneak peaks and engaging description to increase engagement rates.

  1. Email marketing

It is brilliant to have an e-mail list. Mostly because a single day when any of these social media platforms go down, people go crazy about their plans and promotions. There are many ways to reach out to the right market and emails are one of the most reliable medium to do so.

Email marketing makes the advertising more specified and personalised for the audience that creates a sense of priority for the audience thus paving way for more engagement. We will discuss two ways to do the email marketing:

  • Podcasters can take help of the post script option, i.e. P.S after the emails. Using the mail, they can attach a direct link to the podcast on their website or provide links to iTunes, Spotify, google play, stitchers etc. sending the weekly newsletter mailer is a smarter and better way to do so as it helps avoid bombarding audience’s inbox with multiple mails. If you send out weekly mails to your listeners, then attaching the links in the P.S is wiser.

podcast marketing tools

  • Audio content creators can also send out mails to their listeners on the day of release with the link to respective platform or site. On the particular day you can share emails with a teaser, Behind the records, bloopers and many other as a bait to get the listeners on board. Using emails one can send out relevant information, resources and other clickable to increase engagement on the podcast. Podcasters can utilize the facility to send out invitations, resources and freebies as lead magnets that would expand your existing email list. It will help you reach to the extreme target markets for your podcasts.
  1. Video sound bites

You must have come across those sound and music waves overlaid on top of logo and creatives of podcasters. These are the video sound bites that provide a trailer like audio for the podcasts by the podcasters you follow or have subscribed to.

The video sound bites are one of most extensively used and loved podcast marketing tools which makes the podcast reach its targeted market easily. As audio content creators you can create one for your releases and post them on your official channel over multiple platforms for promotion.

podcast marketing toolsTo create an engaging and valuable video sound bite you can name drop the celebrity in the short audio. This can be done by adding a voice clip from the interview and letting people wonder about what the episode was based on and how their favourite celebrity talked.

Adding specific dialogues and cut out of parts of speech that can possibly draw more audience attention is also a plus. Podcasters can also put up specific questions related to the podcast that would excite the listeners about the answer. Video sound bites are a great option for podcast marketing tools as they can widely spread to the required audiences.

  1. Elevator pitch

Strategize, plan and design an elevator speech that would help you pitch the released podcast to the listeners. To help you prepare a relevant and good elevator pitch here we have few points regarding what your pitch must define, explain and consist of primarily.

  1. What is the podcast about?
  2. Who is the audience?
  3. What is the main purpose of the podcast?
  4. What is Unique selling point of this recording?
  5. What is the after effect/ consequences of the podcast?

Making the listeners understand the benefits and aim of the podcast will drive better traffic than any other resource.

  1. Promote it through the guests online

Interviewing a guest with a great online presence is one of the smartest podcast marketing tools which would help podcasters expand their reach. There are several ways to market the podcasts.

You can collaborate with the guest or celebrity, share a picture and create video sound bites with attention grabbing parts of the interview. Interviewed guests with significant following and subscribers on social media can share the podcast on their respective channels and accounts.

podcast marketing tools

The best way to get more listeners is to ask your guests to give a shout out to your channels and social media handles on theirs. It will improve overall goodwill of your podcast site and make it look more trustworthy to your listeners.

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