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There are several audio creating, recording and editing software that are readily available online for audio content creators.

While most of the internet is clouded with video ads and live streams, there are consumers dependent on audio podcasts.

With advancing technology, audio content creators require some useful podcast recording tools that would help them produce audio content efficiently.

It is 2020 and spoken audio editing holds more essence a sit simplifies and makes audio better for the target market.

These podcast recording tool and software are compatible with both mac OS and Windows while many work on apple only as they are the creators of the particulars.

Among various podcast recording tools, it is important to recognize the ones that make editing easier and more user friendly. Audio recording must bring out clearer tuning and suitable adjustment which would enhance the overall appeal of the podcast thereby, attracting more loyal listeners and subscribers.

Here we have listed 7 amazing podcast recording tools that would assist audio content creators in compiling some engaging podcasts and content.

Top 7 podcast recording tools to use

  1. Audacity

It is one of the most useful, versatile and efficient podcast recording tools that allows users to record, edit and manage audio records. It is free for its users while being a cross platform audio software compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Linux and other operating systems. Some of its major features are sync lock, truncate silence, silence finder and more. Audacity is regularly updated to suit all latest versions of systems.

podcast recording tools

  1. Adobe audition

If you are a beginner at podcasting, then this is the DAW for you. Adobe audition is a subscription based flexible software which helps record, edit, cut, trim, enhance quality and produce some fine podcasts. It can be categorised as one of the premium type of software which converts raw tracks into professional, neat, clearer, and crisp audio. It has several features which help in many underrated tasks that would actually make the sound better and interesting for the listeners. The software is good with reducing unnecessary noise thereby providing some of the finest elements to improve audio quality.

podcast recording tools

  1. Hindenburg Journalist

The podcast recording tools have always been full of several features and elements that help users create some fine audio tracks. Hindenburg Journalist records uncompressed audio files that automatically ensures the top quality of the track. The main feature of the software is that it is compatible with different devices and helps best when you working while travelling. It can be connected through USB microphones and recorded when you are switching locations.

podcast recording tools

  1. Garage band

The Garage band is a free digital audio workstation that is simple and easy to work with for both amateurs and professionals. The software is equipped with several elements like drums, keyboards and guitars along with voice editing options that beautify podcast. Recording with Garage band is very effective and it is basically a full-fledged audio recording station that has better interface, instrument plug in support and much more.

podcast recording tools

  1. Reaper

If you like customizability in your podcast along with organised workstation, then Reaper is the best option for you. Unlike many other podcast recording tools available online, Reaper is adaptable and affordable. The software is regularly updated for more functionality that would assist audio content creators in recording and editing quality podcasts. It has features available with premium podcast recording tools but you just have to pay for the license price once while the updates are free for a lifetime. The tool is incredibly affordable and is a good deal if creators are looking for a software with professional features and high level elements to improve the audio podcast.

podcast recording tools

  1. Zencastr

This web based podcast recoding software is a must try for all aspiring and experienced audio content creator. It is mostly an app that can record live chats, interviews by just forwarding a link to the guest you intend to record. The features include auto editing features that would save time and effort for creators. Moreover, users can add intros and outros in the recorded audio. The software is an easy to use, quality audio recorder that ensures the high quality of the podcasts.

podcast recording tools

  1. ProTools

The software is one of the finest podcast recording tools that provides variety of features and functions to the user to improvise their audio quality. ProTools is a software that offers number of functions and features to the users. Some of those features are mixing multiple tracks, adding special effects, silencing noise and much more. The tool is loved by most beginners due to its user friendly interface and less complex options to record audio. Every audio content creator must try it once to understand its value.

podcast recording tools

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