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Podcasts are seeing an uptrend in recent times. Many individual creators and brands have also started taking podcasts seriously by adding it to their marketing communication and promotion strategy. The rise of smartphone users along with faster and affordable data rates have also fuelled the unprecedented growth of the podcast industry in India. This rise in demand also needs to be backed up by equally creative and varied content both in quantitative and qualitative terms. One such value-adding factor in every podcast that gives every audio content a midas touch thereby ensuring audience retention is quality music. While there is no dearth of quality and melodious music for online platforms, creating a unique copyright podcast with royalty free/podsafe music is a challenge. Here in this blog, we list out the 15 Best Royalty Free Podcast Music and Sound Effect website for every podcaster.

List of Royalty Free Podcast Music & Sound effect Websites

Artlist - 1060x453 - 1

1) Artlist: Founded in 2015, Artlist revolutionized the music licensing industry, offering a straightforward, affordable and unlimited license. With an Artlist subscription, you can download as many songs as you want and use them in any video – including podcasts and commercials. Artlist’s music catalog grows daily, and the site features handpicked quality music by real indie musicians.

FoxiMusic - Royalty Free Music for Podcast

2) Foximusic: When it comes to podsafe music, my first pick would be Foximusic! You can find a fresh and modern collection of royalty free music for podcasts, from the sounds of groovy summer days to indie-rock tunes.
You can use the music in unlimited podcasts with no time limit. A single track is only $39 and there is no subscription required.
You could also get some very cool FREE short music tracks for using as an intro/outro with your podcasts, once you join their newsletter. Love these guys!

HookSounds - Royalty Free Music for Podcast

3) HookSounds: HookSounds is an exclusive, well-curated music site that offers a huge variety of original tracks, composed by hand-picked artists from all over the world. What makes HookSounds stand out is its exclusive and original music, which is produced in-house, making sure their subscribers gets the best there is. Their music has lots of uses, one of them being podcast! Make even better podcasts using HookSounds music.

ENOVOMUSIC - Royalty Free Music for Podcast

4) EnovoMusic: EnovoMusic offers a top-quality collection of royalty free music for podcasts with a simple license.
Pay Once. Use Forever. As they offer, it allows you to use the music with an unlimited online license that covers Multiple Podcasts Use along with many other unlimited web-based options like YouTube videos, presentations, social media monetization and commercial use for your clients.
Great value for money and affordable prices.

Mixkit - Free Stock Music for Videos

5) Mixkit: Explore Mixkit’s completely free library of curated music tracks that are ready to be used as your podcast intro, backing track or theme song. Created by some of the world’s most talented artists, Mixkit’s music tracks are royalty-free and can be used with no attribution or sign up. Enjoy free downloads across genres such as hip-hop, lofi, cinematic and more.

Want to create a Podcast Promo video? They also have free stock videos and free Premiere Pro templates!

Highly recommended!!!

YouTube Audio Library

6) YouTube Audio Library: The go to option for every content creator and podcaster for royalty free music and sound effects. YouTube Audio library provides podcasters with millions of music and sound effects options that can be filtered based on genre, mood, type of instrument used, duration of music and if attribution is required or not in the description.

Royalty Free Music for Podcasters

7) Epidemic Sound: Trusted by some of the big names in digital video industry, this 2009 founded royalty free music website has different packages for individual content creators and businesses. Pricing starts from $15/month for content creators and $149/month for businesses. According to the website, new music tracks are added to the library every week. The music tracks can be downloaded and used in podcasts.

Royalty Free Music for Podcasters

8) Incompetech: This royalty free music and sound effects listing website contains thousands of track options with creative commons. In simple terms this sound tracks can be used in your podcasts with a credit link in case a podcaster is not having the budget for the same. Licensed options are also available in case a podcaster doesn’t wish to give sound credit. Podcasters can filter the options based on genre, artists, topics & charts.

Podsafe Music

9) Free Music Archive: Established in 2009 by the East Orange New Jersey community radio station, free music archive is a library of royalty free music for podcasters. Free music archive provides creative commons licenses that can be used as intro, outro and background music with a credit link to the music creator in the description or between the podcast.

Royalty Free Music for Podcasts

10) Audio Jungle: A bit different from other royalty free music and sound effect sites for podcast, audio jungle is a community which also supports buying and selling of podsafe music and sound effects. Podcasters can search for sounds of their preference based on category, keyword search, popular listings, weekly featured files etc. Audio Jungle also shares tutorial for sound engineering in its sites and also hosts discussion forums.

Royalty Free Music for Podcasts with CC

11) Free Sound: Started in 2005, this royalty free music and sound effect website contains a huge collection of audio data base from around the world that can be used by podcasters for their intro and outro music. The podsafe audio collection includes snippets, sample recordings & sound effects with creative commons license that can be re-used by any podcaster with a credit to the owner. Free sound also provides API for better sound integration in case of 3rd party applications.

Royalty Free Sound Effects for Podcasts

12) Soundsnap: With 260,849+ sounds and 1,980,767+ users as of Oct 2019, Soundsnap is counted amongst the most widely used platform by podcasters for podsafe music and sound effects. Pricing starts from $15 and also provides unlimited downloads in a month with $199. New curated sounds relevant for podcast users are added every week.

10 Best Royalty Free Music for Podcasts

13) Marmoset Music: Considered as the most relevant sound library for podcasters to get podsafe music and sound effects, Marmoset music is solely for licensed audio content from rare and emerging artists, bands and record labels from around the world. This platform offers services beyond licensing wherein their experts also come up with the right set of podsafe or royalty free music suggestions for your podcasts in case you fail to find the right combination. Pricing starts at $29.

Podsafe Music & Sound Effects

14) Soundstripe: With the mission “Keep the Creatives Creating”, Soundstripe is the favourite royalty free music destination for most podcasters and content creators because of its unlimited download/license option in every package. 30K+ SFX, curated playlists, new addition every week and stem audio files are some of the features that one can avail with a paid monthly/yearly package.

Best Royalty Free Music websites

15) ccMixter: As the name goes by, ccMixter is first of its kind music remixing website with a library of podsafe/royalty free remixed music and sound effects for podcasters. The majority of the soundtracks listed in the site are licensed under creative commons, i.e.  a podcaster can use the music for free but with credit in the content or in the description box.

The above list contains the 15 Best Royalty Free Podcast Music and Sound Effect Websites selected on the basis of popularity, reviews by podcasters and mentions in other blogs. Podcasters can review the websites listed here or choose to avail the services of a different royalty free music and sound effects website based on the availability of music of their interest.

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